My 10 Points

Jobs: A progressive economy should provide jobs & opportunity for everyone, including free college to prepare for jobs, universal healthcare to keep us healthy & working, protections for workers, and affordable housing to go home to at the end of the workday. We need more good-paying, sustainable, “green-collar” jobs in CA48.

Environment: Climate Change is an established fact. I will work to bring America back into the Paris Climate Accords and to strengthen national environmental protections. Locally, my primary focus will be protecting our ocean, our coastline, clean air, and clean water.

Women’s Rights: I will be a tireless advocate for Women’s Rights, for reproductive rights, for Planned Parenthood, will protect Violence Against Women Act and Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Healthcare: Healthcare is a human right. I will work to expand Obamacare, not to dismantle it, and quickly transition to a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system.

Bigotry: A strong America is a culturally, ethnically, religiously diverse America. I will work to protect the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, for equal rights for LGBTQ community, for comprehensive immigration reform, will oppose Muslim travel bans, and fight racial injustices in our country.

Education: Education is the backbone of a strong economy. I support free college programs, jobs training and apprenticeship programs, and will work to oppose predatory student-loan practices. I am a strong supporter of STEAM education, for our girls especially.

Democracy: I will work to ensure that we have free and fair elections, protect voting rights, get money out of politics, protect free speech, and will advocate for a restoration of Net Neutrality.

Protect Working and Middle Class families: I will fight for a Living Wage tied to inflation,  expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and protect our labor unions.

Peace: I will oppose all unnecessary foreign interventions, and will seek to re-engage our diplomatic allies to solve our shared international crises.

Gun Safety: It is long past time for common-sense gun safety laws to be passed in the United States. I will fight the NRA for a nationwide ban on assault rifles & high-capacity magazines.

Homelessness: I will advocate for holistic approaches for prevention instead of band-aid solutions, and will advocate public-private partnerships that will ensure every American has a roof over his or her head.