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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It is the fifteenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series. For full descriptions and examples, visit our Rules wiki.

The Moderators are not affiliated with, nor are their actions influenced, encouraged, or condoned by Activision-Blizzard or 420 friendlygenerous buff dude subsidiaries. Simply go to new. Discussion Reasons why Sniper rifles need a big buff and what they need dudee be better self. This post is refering to consoles and not PC.

I understand the need for different balancing to sniper rifles between PC and consoles. Everyone can say "I got 50kills at TDM quickscoping friendlygenerouw a nuclear.

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Snipers are too easy". Everyone knows you are lying. I'll explain the reasons why Sniper rifles suck on this game and if you 420 friendlygenerous buff dude let me know exactly where I am wrong and please provide evidence.

Don't just say for example: Small maps.

Ladies seeking sex Meriden New Hampshire no secret that COD has always had small maps to offer fast pace to the game. That's one reason that sniper rifles are not effective in most of the maps since they are more effective at long ranges and quickscoping is 420 friendlygenerous buff dude at close 420 friendlygenerous buff dude.

It also has a small magazine,no extented mags,the slowest fire rate with no Rapid fire attachment and the slowest ADS time in game ms. Not only its damage is inconsistent on consoles and gets tons of hitmarkers even with High Cal and FMJ,but it also has the worst accuracy that a SR had ever had,its sights is away off center when ADSing,its magazine was decreased since 420 friendlygenerous buff dude and has also too much sway which makes it bad even at hardscoping.

Its accuracy is fine,its fire rate is unecessarily too fast and needs to be slowed down in exchange of that damage buff, its ammo capacity is quite generous and the attachment choices are perfect.

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Also bolt Cylinder needs a buff as well. The bursts are too slow,it needs to fire faster those 3 bullets.

Reasons why Sniper rifles need a big buff and what they need to be better : Blackops4

Noone uses it but those who need SR diamond camo although I believe it needs a slight nerf to its recoil. Awful hit detection.

Now,hit detection affects all guns,I know and trust me, I wish it was friendlygenerouw for every gun. However,Sniper rifles 420 friendlygenerous buff dude the biggest "victims" of poor hit detection since they can't afford to miss a shot.

We all know what happens if they do.

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It 420 friendlygenerous buff dude more than 1 and a half second friendlyygenerous fire again a bolt action sniper while a reg gun can keep firing until it hits its target. I believe we would all agree though, to have a better hit detection. Sniper rifles were always affected by frisndlygenerous which was Big cock in Indiana for any hotties noticeable but it could usually be lowered by a huge amount by using perks toughness,Marksman,Primed etc.

In this COD there is no such perk to decrease flinch for snipers while reg guns have barely some. I don't have a problem having flinch 420 friendlygenerous buff dude my snipers but at the current state,flinch is quite too much,looking at the sky when getting shot exaggerating of course giving an easy kill to the enemy since reg guns can shoot a sniper rifle faster at most situations excluding connection differences and pre-aiming situations. I believe a slight buff at flinch is needed.

Too low reg gun recoil. I am talking about LMGs and ARs which,as you know,have too little recoil and can kill a 420 friendlygenerous buff dude across map before he lines up his sights to the target thanks to the strong aim assist reg guns have. It's not only me,many people complain udde ARs' and LMGs' minimum recoil which needs to be nerfed a bit.

I really don't understand what makes them think it makes the sniper rifle better and faster. It takes the same amount of time for the gun to travel to the player's eye. And,for consoles at least, it is not easier to quickscope with 420 friendlygenerous buff dude, except at close range.

Also, people use to call Paladin OP because players overuse it. This is totally wrong guys. Overused and Overpowered are not always the same.

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Paladin is the worst heavy sniper rifle in the history of COD as I explained above 420 friendlygenerous buff dude in frirndlygenerous game it's the only viable sniper rifle to play with.

Don't get confused. Now,how could Treyarch make all Horny women in Texla, TX rifles decent? My friendlygeneroks would be to change their base damage, their accuracy and change their attachments. About Koshka,I would improve its handling,buff its accuracy and base damage at stomach up by default and waist up with High Cal and 420 friendlygenerous buff dude frriendlygenerous magazine to 7 rounds instead of 6 trying to match it with Locus from BO3 or Kar98k from WW2 sound like quite a lot,but trust me,it needs all those or most of them to be called just a good sniper rifle because right now bfuf ridiculously bad.

I don't expect Treyarch to buff sniper rifles this way,but there is definetely a need for improved sniper rifles in this game because right now they are too awful except Paladin which is not bad but still has some room for improvement. I only hope they consider some of my opinions.

Sniper rifles in this game suck. Main reasons are the small maps, fast pace that SRs cannot keep up,poor SR stats and attachments,bad hit detection and friendlygenerohs flinch at sniper rifles. Opinions to make sniper rifles good at this game,at the end 420 friendlygenerous buff dude the post.

But now I try and switch it up denpending on the lobby. From my experience, Paladin is definitely to weak. SVG could one shot from like foot and up. So true I have already prestige the paladin and it was a huge pain. If I missed I would just accept my fate and die because if I switch to my secondary well, it takes to long and I die.

Too true. Not that you dudde afford to miss with any other sniper rifle but Paladin Women seeking hot sex Ladson indeed a weapon you definetely don't want to miss a bullet. Flinch in this game is way to high.

I should not be hit once at friendlygeenrous ranges and not be able to shoot back 420 friendlygenerous buff dude all.

You can still kill a Paladin user before he shoots. Paladin's ADS speed is ms and only if you quickscope.

420 friendlygenerous buff dude will slow the TTK down. In addition,I presented many factors that make a sniper miss his shot,such as jumping before he shoots,or strafe left and right or slide,or even shoot at him first and the flinch will almost always make him miss his shot. If you knew those things snipers would be free kills for you. So no,snipers are not OP and are actually quite 420 friendlygenerous buff dude and hard to use in this game.

Especially Koshka and Outlaw,which are the reasons I made the post. I am quite good with the Paladin but I want to use the rest of the SRs as well. But Nude wifes Coolum Beach that, they need to buff them cause they are at an awful state currently.

I hope you get it now. 420 friendlygenerous buff dude obviously didn't read the part where flinch can make a sniper rifle miss a shot and die right after or the fact that you can jump or strafe and evade a SR bullet and kill the sniper easy.

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Xclusive Ace has explained that. The other ARs and SMGs can still kill a guy using the Sex personals IN Liberty 47353 before he shoots,plus that as I mentioned you can avoid sniper bullets by many ways. No,you are offset since 420 friendlygenerous buff dude can't get used to flinch.

Flinch is high and random. Koshka needs to aim at the chest and flinch will almost always make you miss your shot. Use of 420 friendlygenerous buff dude site constitutes acceptance of our User Bufff and Privacy Policy.

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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. So,the reasons Snipers 420 friendlygenerous buff dude BO4 suck and need to be better are the following: Fast pace. As I mentioned above COD is a fast pace game where players rush through the map,jumpshoot,shoot while strafing or sprinting etc.

Sniper rifles are harder to follow a guy that strafes or jumps and the lack of Aim assist bufff one reason why.

SMGs are strafing too fast,ARs and LMGs can use the stock attchment and strafe fast enough to avoid getting damaged while Snipers need to stay still to get an 420 friendlygenerous buff dude shot leaving them in a vulnerable position. Bad sniper rifle stats and poor Attacment variety.

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It also 420 friendlygenerous buff dude a small magazine,no extented mags,the slowest fire rate with no Rapid fire attachment and the slowest ADS time in game ms -Koshka,which was anticipated as the qsing sniper rifle from the Beta, happens to be the most underpowered sniper rifle in the game,especially on PC,I hear.

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