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Biker looking for his lady

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I am college educated, socialable,respectfull and always held a job.

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When you hear the unmistakable roar of a pack of Harleys pulling lookibg the parking lot of a bar you had no idea was a biker hangout, one thing goes through your mind.

Then that same thing goes through your pants.

Instead of panicking, follow these rules and emerge from the experience a better man for having learned the humanity behind a group of people you only thought you knew.

Or at least emerge alive.

Generally speaking, bikers respect bartenders. Rule 2: If the bartender looks nervous, consider paying your tab and leaving.

If the bartender locks the doors, they know something bad is about to happen, and you should consider cowering behind the bar. So, take it on faith that despite the intimidating looks these are all decent people, and probably nothing will happen to you.

In the end, what you ride is not as important as the fact that you do ride. Rule 7: If your chaps still squeak, it fir they spend most of their time hanging in the closet. That thing about many bikers being veterans is true.

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Not all vets have the same politics, but still, no politics. If you actually know a biker in a casual way i.

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Rule Most of these runs are organized by MCs sometimes even outlaw clubs to help someone in need. Juli Oates has been bartending for 25 years, some of them spent in places exactly like this. Follow her here.

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Rule 1: Rule 3: Rule 5: Rule 6: Rule 8: Want More? Like Us.