Election Reform

We must protect our right to free & fair elections!  We have sacrificed the influence of the individual vote to the influence of large corporations.

The foundation of any democracy is free and fair elections. Campaign finance reform is a critical piece of ensuring that we remain a government of the people, by the people and for the people, NOT the corporations….. but it’s not the only issue. Campaign finance reform is one part of the overall need for Election Reform.

In order to return our nation to a democracy, we have to ensure that our elected officials cannot be bought, but also we have to ensure that all Americans have the ability to vote, and that their vote counts. When I am your Congresswoman, I will fight to prevent election tampering, gerrymandering, and voter suppression, which sadly is so common among economically-challenged and minority areas.

Election Tampering: According to the FBI, in our last 2016 elections, as many as 39 states had their election systems scanned or targeted by Russia. There’s no evidence of votes changed, but there is no doubt that Russia hacked into and influenced our last election. We must ensure that our votes are counted and our democracy is intact. In 14 states, at least some or all of the electronic voting machines leave no paper ballot voting trail. All voting machines should leave behind a paper trail.

Gerrymandering: Gerrymandering doesn't affect who's able to vote on election day, but it still manages to affect the outcomes of elections. By strategically redistricting their states, GOP lawmakers take advantage of the election system and win the most seats, even when the majority of the state votes for the opposing party.

Demanding Voter ID: Republicans in many different states have created a false narrative of a voter fraud problem that is undermining the integrity of our elections. No such problem exists in any perceptible form, and the means by which they're combating it serve only to keep liberal-leaning voters from voting. The population most affected by this law would be poor minorities, who are less likely than others to have drivers' licenses or passports.

Engineered Polling Station Difficulties: Some politicians have tried to make it especially unappealing for certain populations to vote on Election Day. Because the United States doesn't recognize Election Day as a national holiday and people still have to work, long lines to vote make it virtually impossible for some to vote. We need to ensure that every American who is eligible to vote, is able to vote, and that their vote counts!

How do we protect our election system?

  • #1 - Get money out of politics by overturning Citizens United, fight for transparency in campaign financing, & fight to eliminate super PACS!
  • To avoid election tampering, go to 100% paper ballots - Either voters fill out a ballot paper that gets scanned into a computer for counting (optical scan voting), or they vote on a computer that counts the vote and prints a record on a piece of paper (called a voter-verifiable paper audit trail). Either way, the paper creates a record of the vote that can’t be later modified by any bugs, misconfiguration, or malicious software that might have infected the machines. After the election, human beings can examine the paper to make sure the results from the voting machines accurately determined who won.
  • To reverse gerrymandering, the rest of the country must follow California's lead by demanding that the framework for election systems isn't manipulated for one side's political gain. Adopting unbiased computer software that will logically break down the state into fair districts is something that all citizens concerned about election integrity should demand.
  • To avoid voter suppression, I will promote making election day a paid holiday!