Foreign Policy

We need a return to Pax Americana - when American global leadership was a force for peace and good in the world.

In less than a year in office, President Trump has managed to destroy America’s hard-won standing as the world’s preeminent force for the global good. Since the end of WWII, prior administrations (both Democratic and Republican) have upheld our country’s role as an international leader in championing human rights, political diplomacy, environmental policy, and commercial trade. However, the Trump Administration—along with the unwavering support of Congressman Rohrabacher—has, in no time at all, abdicated all of these responsibilities.

Whether it be President Trump’s decision to pull the United States from the Paris Accords (which Congressman Rohrabacher has enthusiastically supported)[1], his refusal to punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 Presidential Election (again, with Congressman Rohrabacher’s unwavering support)[2], or President Trump’s refusal to heartily endorse Article V of NATO (NATO is something Congressman Rohrabacher has consistently criticized)[3], Republicans in the White House and in Congress have not only squandered much of America’s moral standing in the world, but their policies have served to make America weaker, and left America’s allies wondering if they can count on our support when they need it most.

What the 48th District needs is a congresswoman who will tirelessly work to reject the isolationist, backwards-looking policies of President Trump and Congressman Rohrabacher, and who will do everything she can to reaffirm the values that America has historically represented on the global stage: a concern for human rights, a belief in NATO and the United Nations, and a nation dedicated to creating environmental and trade agreements which will seek to improve not only the health and prosperity of American citizens for decades to come, but for the world as well. Peace is a deeply held value; I will always push for negotiations and peace talks over military strikes. Use of military force should always be a last resort, to defend our nation or our allies if and when they are under attack.

I know that America can only truly be great again when our nation demands the best of itself on the global stage. If elected, I will work to restore America’s place as the preeminent world superpower it has historically been.

Asia-Pacific: From Asia Pacific to the Indian Ocean, we need to be deepening our relationships with allies in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Philippines, South Korea & Thailand. We should continue to invest in a long-term strategic partnership with India, and help stabilize Pakistan. President Trump’s bombastic rhetoric with regard to North Korea is not appropriate when we are dealing with the possibility of a nuclear war that could kill millions of people; our job there now is to work with China and our allies in the region and around the world on a comprehensive diplomatic strategy to address this problem. We must also stand up to China to protect freedom of the seas in South China Sea, and push back on unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, censorship of the internet, and cyber-attacks, all while looking for areas of cooperation on fighting climate change and nuclear proliferation. We must promote a greater respect from China for the environment and for human rights, especially for the people of TIbet and Burma.

Middle East: We recently gave Saudi Arabia billions in weapons and watched the civilian death toll in their vicious bombing campaign in Yemen tick up. We continue sending Egypt arms as they violently crack down on peaceful protesters. Israel received $38 billion in aid and promptly announced new settlements. The first step to peace is not enabling nations who regularly violate international law. We must be bold enough to stand up to human rights violators who aren’t just our enemies, but our allies. We don’t weaken our allies by holding them accountable, we strengthen them. We must push for more inclusive governance in Iraq & Syria, provide support & relief for Lebanon & Jordan, and maintain a robust security cooperation with all countries to stand together in our mutual fight against extremist terrorism. We must always stand for our ally, Israel, and support their right to defend themselves, as well as oppose any effort to delegitimize Israel. We should continue to work towards a two-state solution with Israel & Palestine, that guarantees Israel’s future, while also providing Palestinians the ability to govern themselves in peace and dignity.

Europe:  Europe should remain our indispensable partner and ally, and we will stand with them to deter Russian aggression, address security challenges, and deal with unprecedented social, economic challenges due to climate change, migration, and a changing economy. We should strongly reject President Trump’s threats to abandon our European and NATO allies, and reinforce Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty - an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. We should remain in the Paris Climate Accord, working together with our allies to fight the biggest existential threat of our lifetime - climate change - together.

Americas: We should be working with Mexico to promote economic opportunities and tackle the rise of drugs, transnational crime & corruption together, strengthening our relationship with our neighbors to the south, rather than inflaming them by calling them names and telling them to build a wall between our two countries. We should always work towards building bridges, not walls. We should also stand firm to build on President Obama’s historic opening of relationships with Cuba, to end once and for all the travel ban and embargo.

Africa:  Africa is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, as also the area most affected by climate change, migration, and security issues that result from limited resources. We should be helping to strengthen our democratic allies in Africa, promoting fair trade and investment, development, and global health, and assisting them in their fight against Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, AQIM and ISIS. We should stand firm and ban all importation of wildlife or trophy hunting, and preserve this amazing part of our planet earth, so rich with incredible wildlife diversity, for generations to come.