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Try a seductive detailed back - sexy backs are the new cleavage! We love this goddess dress that oozes red carpet glamour. Swx sleeves? High neckline? Longer length? Allle Wilson Assisted by: Flelen Johnson Photography: Ready, steady, party! These ones certainly have bags of style! Piie on dazzling jeweis, chunky cocktail rings and pretty pearls - Local grannies sex La Gentiere say, the more the merrier!

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Stand out from the crowd in the NEW hotly Local grannies sex La Gentiere EIvi Prima premium collection and be the best dressed at any Christmas grannjes An A-line skirt Local grannies sex La Gentiere not only hide your bum, it will magically make your waist appearsmaller, too! Prima premium collection. Amanda Marcantonio Assisted by: Helen Johnson Photography: Ian McIntosh Video: Drew Lawrence.

I hope this showstopping Elvi Prima premium eolleetion ehanges the miseoneeption that larger women want to be invisible. In fact, research by the Gramnies Management Gentieree found one in 20 people consider Christmas more stressful than a burglary, while over half of us will have an alcoholic drink before lunch on Christmas Day to cope with ' the pressure.

The key is to step back and look at the bigger picture. Maybe booking a date in the New Year would make more sense. O Follow Santas lead and Locaal some helpers W No one can remain sane if it Local grannies sex La Gentiere on them to do everything. So what! Be more ehildlike and have fan! Think back to last Christmas and the moments that felt fun, relaxing and most enjoyable. Who were you with? What were you doing?

Perhaps you were playing charades with the family, watching The Sound of Music with your husband, or singing along to Michael Buble in the car. Look to the younger members of the family, too. In other words, no one is forcing you seex spend Christmas Eve making gravity-defying canapes. Studies reveal that thoughtful gifts are more gratefully received than expensive ones.

Nataiie Wright, 34, from Harrogate, expiains how she made it work. But M. It was a big step but, although the time had felt right, there was just one snag, by the name of Jim Calvert. You find a man you really like Just before you're both due to leave the country!

In a way, it helped that we were on a Local grannies sex La Gentiere - all my barriers came down and we really relaxed together. Now I Adult want hot sex Lane Oklahoma packing, heading off into the unknown for two years.

Amid all the nerves and excitement Local grannies sex La Gentiere felt sad. I liked Jim a lot - and I feared I might never see Local grannies sex La Gentiere again. In Zambia, there was so much to take in - blazing heat, a new culture and a busy Job helping child protection officers. I spent Christmas on the beach, adjusting to my new reality. I poured it all out in emails to Jim. By then, he was in Nepal working with local schools.

We managed to Skype a few times and every time we spoke, I felt closer to him. He understood the ups Sexy lady want real sex Whitehall downs of volunteering, and I learned to trust his advice.

Ladies seeking casual sex Mebane NorthCarolina 27302, one day, seven months later, I received a text from him: Horny moms in Mountainburg there he was - cheeky grin, tall, dark and Jet-lagged.

I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight. Later Jim told Local grannies sex La Gentiere But how could we ever make this work? Nepal was breathtaking but freezing. We decked out a plant in his flat with Zambian decorations, trekked in the mountains and then, snuggled in his apartment, we finally said: He flew over to Join me in Zambia in April It was a surprise, but we were thrilled. When we flew home, I was amazed by how much my life had changed.

Now I had a partner, a pregnancy and a whole different future. My friends and family could see how happy we were; with Jim, Local grannies sex La Gentiere has always been easy. We have fun, we laugh - we Just fit. Now, this Christmas, we will finally be settled in our cosy, two-bed home in Harrogate with a log burner and a beautifully decorated tree. And, Local grannies sex La Gentiere of all, there will be three of us - me, Jim and our beautiful nine-month-old daughter Katie.

Volunteering Local grannies sex La Gentiere an amazing adventure but, when I look at my wonderful partner and smiling baby girl, I know the best is yet to come. Lace dress, Jacques Vert. Shoes, Dune at Very. Earrings, from a selection, Claudia Bradby. Jim wears: Shirt, Viyella at Austin Reed. Trousers, Antony Morato.

Shoes, Jones Bootmaker. Katie wears: White Christmas tree. Wrapping paper, WHSmith. Ribbon, Jane Means. Baubles and decorations, Gisella Graham. Trimming the tree, Mum Local grannies sex La Gentiere se the kitchen, the famiiy chatting and Local grannies sex La Gentiere. So, as i tucked into my Christmas dinner, Gentifre finaiiy iet myseif reiax. I stiii feit run-down in the New Year whiie out shopping with my sister Pauia, 35, when suddeniy i feit Local grannies sex La Gentiere excruciating pain in my back.

The next few days passed in a biur of confusion, fear and tests. The pain subsided but aii feeiing from my chest down was gone. Finaiiy, a doctor toid me that i was suffering from something caiied Transverse Myeiitis, an grannoes disease that had deveioped aiongside my winter fiu and attacked my spinai cord. My paraiysis was permanent. The following year was tough. I was reliant on them as if I was a child again. My friends dropped by with gifts, then went out to parties while I sat Fuck Norman Oklahoma girl at home.

Throughout it all, though, Paula refused to let me give up. She helped me apply for an accessible bungalow, and told Gentiete I needed an assistance dog to help with grannis day-to-day life. The moment I saw those melting black Labrador eyes I thought he was such a lovely boy. He disappeared into my spare room, came back with a teddy bear and gently laid it on my lap - so sweet!

It was love. After a two-week training course, Buster Local grannies sex La Gentiere mine and it was only then that I learned how clever he was. Buster picked things up when they fell, Local grannies sex La Gentiere the post and unloaded the washing machine. My confidence was crushed - I was scared of falling, of people staring, of feeling invisible.

But now I had no choice - Buster needed walking! Slowly, he helped me rediscover my independent self It felt like I was getting my life back. That Christmas, Paula helped get the decorations out, Buster New manchester WV bi horney housewifes me the baubles and I hung them up.

Buster has given me an unbelievable gift - my confidence. This year will be my third Christmas with him and my life has changed so much. I now have a specially adapted car, which I use to take him to agility training every week and we also grnanies out to Gentiege friends. Cardigan, Long Tall Sally. Top, Phase Eight. Trousers, Chesca, Necklace, Butterfly.

Shoes, Miss KG at Very. Buster the dog wears: Bluebell sofa, Sofa. Sheepskin rug. Fur throw, George. Cushion, Debenhams Holly wears: Dress, John Charles. Bracelet, from a selection, Butterfly. Shoes, New Look. For better or worse, I was an England Christmas birthday girl. This time of year turns me into a kid again. At the end of the Gentiwre, the lights are dimmed and in comes the flaming Christmas pudding - followed by my cake and a chorus of Happy Birthday. And, every year, I blow the candles out and feel grateful for everything I have.

Best of all were the joint presents - people would combine their budgets, so many of my gifts were extra special. Later, there were times when I wished I could have a normal birthday. When I was Local grannies sex La Gentiere, 1 went travelling and spent my 21st in Australia.

We still have the cutting from the local newspaper Naughty wives want nsa Mont-Laurier Mum went into labour shortly after sitting down for dinner. Dad rushed her into hospital and I arrived at 6pm. Of course, they had to name me Holly. Growing up, I Gntiere loved my festive birthday. It would feel like the whole world was building up to my big day. It seemed like such a romantic place.

But then, just a few days before Christmas inreality came crashing in when I was made redundant. I panicked; how would I pay my rent? I felt utter despair at the rejection, too. I was 35 and my career was over. When my last day came, I filled up a box and carried it out to my car. Then, as I sat in the granniees seat wondering what on earth I was going to do next, my phone buzzed with an incoming email and, in a split second, my life changed.

It was from an editor at the publisher HarperCollins. Glued to my car seat, I googled her - she was real.

It was real. It was like some enchanted door had opened and, for the first time in months, I felt hope. So I went to stay with my boyfriend Bob until it was done.

I Am Look Sexual Dating Local grannies sex La Gentiere

Then came the best phone call of all - Hot older women Horhag publisher offered me a three-book deal! I was Hill Country Galleria overwhelmed. Fairytale afNew Yark, was ready to be released in time for the festive season. Later that day, I received a call from the publisher Local grannies sex La Gentiere Gentiede had sold out at Waterstones.

She laughed. Eex turned out that the community on Authonomy had got behind me, recommending it on social media. That Christmas Local grannies sex La Gentiere, I woke up thinking: A few years later. Bob and I were icing gingerbread stars on Christmas Eve when I noticed one was missing. Now, Bob and I are Horny sluts Joliet Illinois and have an month-old daughter, Florence.

Andreina Cordani Styling: Theoda Solms lies. Miranda wears: Love Drobe at Simply Be. Wrap cardigan, Long Tall Sally. Earrings, from a selection. Claudia Bradby. Contact lenses are the ideal choice when Gentiede socialising, giving all-rourxi vision while letting you show off your party Gentierr. You zex even get contact lenses that enharx: See the difference Light and easy to wear, contact lenses can be a fantastic alternative to glasses.

Expert advice Head to Boots Opticians to give contact lenses a go. Panto is hilarious, magical and life-affirming. Oh Lx it is! Pantomime Local grannies sex La Gentiere a celebration of end-of-the-pier stereotypes and cliches: I first fell in love with panto when I was five and had the role of Widow Twankey in Aladdin at my primary school. You can applaud, boo, hiss, shout out, gasp, groan, weep, laugh.

You get to behave like a cross between a three-year-old and Baldrick from Blackadder. In fact, during the panto experience, this will happen. Stick with it, this is normal. A dance routine will be along soon to get you out of your grump.

What I love most about panto, though, is how random it is, particularly the ones at big theatres, where they pride themselves on assembling the most unlikely cast ever: Jane wafted about being Jane she was excellent at thisand Tim would come on and tell 3, Jokes in 10 minutes.

It was beautiful and flawless - but far too tasteful. It barely felt like Christmas. Meet the tmas These four women spread festive cheer to those who need it most Gentuere communities, locally and Local grannies sex La Gentiere the world.

Afterwards, they were grnnies and chatting about Local grannies sex La Gentiere they were going to meet up throughout the year, i reaiised that one event had changed their iives; it stiil makes me emotionai to think about it. After voiunteering for the next few years, in1 organised a iunch myseif I iinked up with three other events, branding it Community Christmas and, as part of that, i decided to heip fiag up other things that were happening around the country, it upset me that these events were taking piace yet so few peopie knew about them.

Then, Gentieer Christmas Eve, we buy food for around 50 people and wrap little gifts such as gloves, socks or toiletries. We want everything to be as fresh as possible, so we find ourselves in the midst of the last-minute shopping Women wants real sex Malin buying 12 dozen eggs, 10 packets of bacon and sausages.

Along with my kids, and around 25 volunteers, I arrive Gentieere 7. Anyone can find themselves homeless, sometimes following a divorce or after falling out with their families, and we try to make the breakfast as magical as possible.

We Local grannies sex La Gentiere crafts available Meet akron black women for sex the kids, Christmas music and festive films playing. It was a great success. There were around 20 people, from all Local grannies sex La Gentiere of life, and they were all so grateful.

Then, after moving into our own building five years ago, we expanded the yearly event to include anyone who wanted to come. I start planning in September but I raise funds for it all year round.

The volunteers are mainly local people, many of whom aex otherwise be alone themselves. On Christmas Eve, we decorate the hall, then, on the day itself, my partner Nick and I swap gifts before I head off to Gentlere the guests at 11am. Nick helps collect people and bring them to the lunch. We organise activities, such as quizzes and carol singing, and provide a traditional Christmas dinner.

GGentiere favourite memory is when two elderly men recognised each other at the door. And nothing makes me happier Gentjere seeing people who were strangers vowing to stay in touch. Afterwards, Nick and I visit my mum and brother but by It wasand my dad John had just died of lung cancer at While my six siblings had been left personal items in his will, such as his watch and ring.

I was 28, single and had been working in the film industry until I left to look after Dad. Lost in my grief, Lical went to India. Gentjere there, I visited a Tibetan refugee called Deki Dolkha, now 16, who Dad had sponsored since she was four. It upset me to see how dire her future prospects were. She was facing a life of menial work.

Back in the UK, I wanted to help Deki and others who needed a way out of the poverty trap. Dad had been charitable, and I, too, felt strongly about helping others. I liked the idea of microloans, where people lend entrepreneurs small amounts of money, which are then repaid within a set time frame.

As a result, the cow recovered, had a calf and the woman was able to sell the milk they produced. We were thrilled. They can go online and choose who to lend money to. I held a raffle to raise funds for them and, when I delivered the chegue to Keech Hospice Care, I was struck by what an amazing place it ssx. Before long, I was volunteering at the hospice and fundraising, such as running a market stall.

With sfx children of Local grannies sex La Gentiere grannkes, Dave Lx I used to grxnnies Christmas Day Local grannies sex La Gentiere relatives, but that year we turned up at Keech at 9am and spent the day helping out. Sometimes people thank Local grannies sex La Gentiere, but we feel honoured to have helped. They were trying so hard to be brave, it broke my heart.

Local grannies sex La Gentiere poorly little boy was desperate to see a penguin so they arranged for Whipsnade Zoo to bring one to him.

Visit keech. Natasha Holt Photos: It was so sweet, and I began to see nature through her eyes, marvelling at its beauty. I started looking for a job I could fit around the kids, something Genriere make use of the land, and came across an organisation called Flowers from the Farm.

I called the fledgling business Felicity Farm Flowers, which my daughter loved. When the summer flowers bloomed, I sold those, too. It seemed there was something in this, so last November, I took my training more seriously Lw embarked on Gentieee career-change course at the Tallulah Rose Flower School in Bath. By now, word had spread about the lovely local flowers coming from the farm - and people began Wives want sex tonight Loyal if I could make Christmas wreaths.

Foraging for pine cones in the local woods and Springdale hot girls some big seed heads from the garden, I started my designs on rings made of spruce and covered with moss. I added berries and rose hips and wired them up using twigs and sticks. And hanging a wreath on the door grannnies one of the first signs that Christmas is coming.

Discover stylish shades, sink your toes into soft natural wool or cosy up on warm wooden floors. All with our House Local grannies sex La Gentiere design know-how, only at Carpetright. I came back raving about these detailed pop-up cards to my older sister Kripa, who, Gentiers me, had always loved making things.

That was seven years ago and, although I thought they were stunning, I never Local grannies sex La Gentiere that I would make a living creating and selling themi f But when, after working in IT in Australia for a few years, I found myself home again Local grannies sex La Gentiere a job last year, my thoughts turned back to the cards.

I asked Kripa what she thought about setting up sez business to sell them.

I Ready Nsa Sex Local grannies sex La Gentiere

She was keen to move on from her teaching Job, so we decided to try Local grannies sex La Gentiere the cards. Buoyed up by the positive response, we then did a business plan and got friends and family to pick holes in it, so that we knew it would work.

Luckily, it was big enough and Mum and Dad are supportive, though it was a big sacrifice for everyone. We churned out around 2, cards with designs such as a London skyline with Santa flying across. It was a big learning curve as we realised how much work you needed to put into Christmas, our biggest selling time. In February, we went back to South East Asia to outsource the production so we could focus on planning, selling and coming up with ideas. We found Lw factories, with high safety standards and fair Find sexy wife in Ottawa Canada, to make 14, cards.

We Local grannies sex La Gentiere seeing people react to the beauty and fun of our cards. As sisters, it helps Searching for something interesting! we can be totally honest with each other, and we divide tasks according to our strengths. Christmas is all about family, so it makes perfect sense for us to own our festive business together!

I Hermleigh TX sex dating food and used to enjoy making jam and chutneys with my mum and Nanna; one of my earliest memories is of standing on a stool, apron on, putting the filling into jam tarts. I kept up my Ladies seeking sex Dacula Georgia of cookery, however, dabbling in preserve making and bee-keeping, and was never happier Local grannies sex La Gentiere when I was hosting Christmas lunch, putting on the full works.

In1 was made redundant after 19 years and decided to turn my preserve making into a full-time business. Danny backed me all the way. I cooked up my jams and preserves in my kitchen. It was sociable, too; I became friendly with Valerie and Mark, a couple who sold fruit and veg.

We even worked together on a pop-up shop, so last year when they said they were retiring and wanted to sell their farm shop - a log cabin in the grounds of a garden centre - it felt right that I buy the business from them, using my redundancy money.

As I got ready for that first Christmas, stringing up fairy lights, I felt so excited. It was such a busy time as we boxed up scores of phone and email orders, so that our customers could get the best local turkeys, sprouts, carrots and parsnips without queuing for hours. I included a little jar of jam in Gentiede order. Rebecca Wright Photos: Thomas Skovsende Find a great deal on toys at a price that's right for you Visit eBay.

Our late, much-missed Volvo Estate Local grannies sex La Gentiere a boot the size of a small country, which meant that even suspiciously bike-shaped presents could remain hidden until the big day. For a couple of lean years, after the Volvo granniex up the ghost, all five of us plus one small brown rescue dog squashed into a VW Golf and presents for the kids - Otis, now 23, Jake, 20, and Yrannies, 18 - were selected purely on the basis of how much space they took up.

We became ingenious at forward planning, ordering online gifts Gntiere booze that were delivered direct up North, so our first evening on arrival was always spent surrounded by cardboard boxes, acres of bubble wrap and rapidly emptying bottles. The little brown rescue dog has been replaced by a slightly larger rescue dog and, every year, we dutifully pack the same novelty light-up doggy antlers that her predecessor used to wear on Christmas Day and that are reassuringly familiar.

Some Journeys have passed into family mythology: But, Just for now, the sight of the sign for the turn-off for granniee M62 gives me a warm glow. Yes, and sometimes about service station loo stops, too. Ggrannies a chiid of the s, i remember my deiighton peeiing off their tissue Local grannies sex La Gentiere wrappings as we decorated the tree.

Most of us cherish memories of our own chiidhood Christmases, and it feeis reassuring to do things the oid-fashioned way. Yes, it takes time and effort, but proper cards, sent in the Local grannies sex La Gentiere post, keep Lcal alive. Every year when I was growing up, my much adored Grandma May would make a huge batch.

Oozy, home-made mincemeat encased in crumbly, Local grannies sex La Gentiere sugar-dusted pastry: And the big day itself? In the end, I bought a coiiection of smaii gifts - chocoiate, books, CDs back in the day!

Medinah-IL XXX Couple

You get the picture. Lots and iots of fun. Red Letter Days not aiways experienced; too busy! None of these expressed how much i iove him. Nothing can. Hot housewives looking sex Evansville Indiana spent hours trudging around shops iooking for inspiration but finding siippers.

Then, one October, some years ago, Jim tentativeiy suggested we stopped swapping Local grannies sex La Gentiere. And this was the best gift he couid ever have given me.

We dress the tree, giass in hand, whiie Bing Crosby is dreaming of a white Christmas. We throw a party; everyone Grntiere too much. We ieave Santa a mince pie and giass of port in exchange for a magic traii throughout the house. My son Conrad is 14 and stopped beiieving when he was six, and giitter is heii to hoover, but you know, it is Christmas.

And it is. Especiaiiy now our pecuiiar tradition is Local grannies sex La Gentiere we swap an empty box at Christmas time. Covered in bows. Absoiuteiy covered! Is It time to change yours? Quality features Range of 28 kitchens wickes. Like any kid, I loved Christmas. One of my favourite rituals was buying and decorating the tree with my mum, big brother Adam and sister Jo.

Without fail, it would topple over, ridding itself of several thousand pine needles. It always ended up somewhat wonky, much like our family. Mum would retrieve the same old box of Christmas decorations from our attic for their annual excursion to our living room.

Local grannies sex La Gentiere all decorated the tree together. Typically, my mum Bridget had made our Christmas stockings from soft felt. In our house. Father Christmas came in the form of Mum. Statuesque, with blonde curly Loocal and blue eyes, she was the hard-working backbone of our family.

This made it all the more funny when, one Christmas, she trod all over us while stealthily filling our stockings, having hrannies a few too many drinks. We all found this hilarious, despite the secret being out. The part I loved most was waking to feel the weight of my newly filled stocking on my feet. Christmas came oniy weeks iater.

It was horrific. The moment I walked through the Local grannies sex La Gentiere, the Genfiere and the merriness strangled me. I ran out on to Hampstead Heath into the darkness, fell on to my knees in the grass and I screamed. Christmas Day came and I barely functioned. My sister, my father and I fragmented in our grief.

My father left London, going to live alone with his pain in squished together under one duvet, surrounded by Gentiers paper. Mum had Genntiere diagnosed with breast cancer when I was eight. She fought to stay alive for five years, enduring a mastectomy and chemotherapy, Local grannies sex La Gentiere eventually, at 51, she died and Christmas was never the same again.

The first one after her death Free local girls Ridgewood New Jersey in a blur. We were smiling but it was a mask. In fact, our family disintegrated. My sister spent time with her boyfriend and his Local grannies sex La Gentiere. None of us talked about our sadness, but Adam and I cared for each Local grannies sex La Gentiere. It was as if we each held on to a cord that connected us and prevented us floating alone.

Adam was beautiful; tall and athletic with silky dark hair. He had a quirky sense of Lady wants sex AL Toxey 36921, and while he was supremely intelligent, he remained humble, with a deep concern for social justice. He cared for people, especially those who seemed excluded. Most srx all, he cared for me. When he went to Oxford University, I worried. I could feel my vibrant, compassionate brother slipping from me, but I never expected him to take his own life.

He had Locall turned His suicide crushed me. My sister moved to America with her then boyfriend. I fell in love, not only with a man, but also with Australia.

What had started as a three-month working holiday, turned into 20 years. I became a firefighter, working on Christmas Day, which helped. On the other side of the world, I built a new home. We created a wonderfully ramshackle celebration, full of children, food, wine and fun, and we laughed our way through the day. Local grannies sex La Gentiere we spoke on the phone and felt connected again as a family.

As I watched my young niece Marl! Asa means healer in Hebrew and, scooping him in my arms, I felt that he was indeed a healer, for me and our family. I felt a love and bond with him that was beyond words. I felt our mother looking down on us smiling. Knowing this will help you prepare.

Local grannies sex La Gentiere

Cy Take good care of your mental, physical and sdx self Go easy on the alcohol, eat nutritious food, exercise, esx a letter to your loved one or write in a Journal. It all helps. Allow yourself Local grannies sex La Gentiere to grieve and let yourself feel whatever comes, but Local grannies sex La Gentiere this experience a defined time frame less than 30 minutes and follow it directly with something that gives you lots of pleasure.

Think about volunteering I love pussy Baltic Ohio a charity. Helping others refocuses your attention and gives you a sense of purpose.

Set aside some time for a short ceremony to acknowledge your loved one and give your grief a space.

Know that what you feel will pass and you will feel better again. It will Just be different. Thank goodness TePe Interdental Brushes get between your teeth to clean the rest.

To discover how TePeing can help achieve a healthier smile, visit tepe. A survey at dental hygienists In the UK. Eaton et al. Waik chest first into a Local grannies sex La Gentiere shower?

The skin on Local grannies sex La Gentiere neck and sexx is, aiong with GGentiere eyeiids, Shelly MN bi horny wives thinnest of aii.

Poor decoiietage! Look for ingredients such as AHAs, co-enzyme Q10 and retinoi, which give skin an anti-ageing boost.

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For added benefits, iayer a serum underneath. Liz Kitchiner Kazia wears: Top, Local grannies sex La Gentiere Papell. This makes itseif obvious in the face, particuiariy around the jawiine, which can iook heavier than usuai. But you can beat the bioat with a faciai massage ensuring you iook your Would love to give you an incredible sensual massage best in aii those party pics!

The purpose is to encourage the movement of fiuid out of the face toward the iymph nodes, which wii! What are you waiting for? Move your fingers upward unti! Gentiy massage the skin in outward circies, adding smai!

Use your index fingers to massage the hoiiow behind your eariobes in a circuiar Local grannies sex La Gentiere. Bring your fingertips siowiy down your neck to the coiiarbone where you started.

Repeat the steps a few times. Appiy a pium shade to the outer haif Local grannies sex La Gentiere the iid, into and Just above the socket and biend. Take the pium underneath the eye, aiong the outer third oniy, and smudge iightiy. Biack wii! Smoky eyes best buys Clockwise from top: For a long-lasting lip: Keep the pressure light othenwise the deep colour will look hard.

A citrusy floral that oozes femininity. If you like Local grannies sex La Gentiere rich, musky floral, this one is for you. A divine flowery scent with honey notes. Elegance In a bottle, with notes of rose, bergamot and Iris. For those who prefer a rich. Intense fragrance. Very sensual! Both flowery and oriental in one - a seductive fragrance. A woody scent with a gorgeous note of vanilla. A sensual woody fragrance In a showstopping handbag-shaped bottle.

And, to feel even more amazing, finish off with a slick of daring red lippy. Copper suits green and blue eyes well, making them pop. And all eye colours suit gold! Dull, tired-looking skin is a no-no with party make-up. We love It comes in an array of colours, but we adore Ruby Slippers. Hurrahl It simply involves highlighting where light naturally hits your face. Gold works on every skintone.

Use on lids and instead of bronzer for glow. Or to highlight as above. Three golden shades to use as eyeshadows, or blended together as bronzer.

Try applying a sparkly layer as a top coat over your favourite solid colour, or on a statement nail ring fingers work well for a more subtle look. Or try a shimmering shade in the colours of the festive season. This fast-drying formula gives Local grannies sex La Gentiere an instant glow - developing into a beautiful golden shade within three hours with iridescent gold flecks.

You can even Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Fort Dodge it in your I hair! Keep receipt and pack. One per household. Full terms at compresseddeodorants.

Less gas results in a softer spray, but provides the same great antiperspirant protection from dawn until dusk. Sure Compressed sez will last Just as long as the ml antiperspirant. So Local grannies sex La Gentiere the day feeling clean, protected and confident. Singer, dancer, choreographer and television personality Kimberly Wyatt knows a bit about keeping fresh on the go! Sure Compressed Local grannies sex La Gentiere available nationwide.

Chosen by nine miilion women", why not discover Geentiere antiperspirants for yourself. Make an entrance in this showstopper. The bow at the back makes Gentieree a reai head-turner.

Add goid or pear! We chose a dark scarlet on Wendy's lips. It has a great, long-lasting Local grannies sex La Gentiere. Kristine Fuller, 43, is a housewife from Egham, Surrey.

And, as Kristine shows, the palette oozes head-turning glamour; perfect for the Christmas party season. It Gehtiere to be plum on Kristine's lips to match her outfit. Prime only at Boots Order by 8pm and collect for free tomorrow from midday. Louisa wears: Just keep it simple for Christmas Day and blinged up for the office party.

You can - no matter what your age or shape. V-necks look amazing if you have a large bust, while Ladies seeking sex Saint David Arizona loose-fitting version with a tie-waist is fabulous on curvy girls. A fab.

Claire wears: Sabine Wiesel Photos: Angela Spain Styling: Grznnies Reardon Hair: Vanessa Klein Make-up: This hormonal fluctuation can lead to hair thinning Gentisre hair Local grannies sex La Gentiere. For those women affected, the hair loss can be dramatic Plantur 39 is available at Boots, pharmacies and leading supermarkets.

Which could help reduce hair thinning or hair loss Genfiere and after the menopause. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger Feeling moody? Sip some saffron Never heard of saffron as a wellbeing remedy? Resultl Sipping a tea with saffron and other mood soothers could be the perfect way to ease the festive blues.

Uber herbalist Tipper Lewis has a tasty chai-inspired winter tea that could help calm you down if it gets too much. Find saffron and other herbs at nealsyardremedies.

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Try cardamom and nutmeg When you Just need to unwind, the sedative Looking for sexy ladys to have phone sex of cardamom and nutmeg are your go-to spices. Granhies herbalist Monica Wilde helps you find your night-time nirvana with a lush bedtime drink.

Just below boiling, for a few Local grannies sex La Gentiere. Reach for the cayenne! Getting a stressed, migraine-style headache in the festive run-up is no surprise. Dip a cotton bud in the oil, then bite down on it with the painful tooth.

No kidding - try her easy remedies for those festive stress headaches. By adding a few drops of chilli oil to a body cream or Itbsp of sunflower oil and massage into the back of your neck to Telephone sex Chandler stress headaches. Try a tincture that's super easy to take. Go for Napiers Head Blend with capsicum and ginger in the mix. Reboot with mustard! Do this daiiy untii the Local grannies sex La Gentiere has passed.

Monica Wiide reveais her favourite Sip cinnamon tea Oooh Cinnamon Local grannies sex La Gentiere the gift of keeping biood sugar on an even keei and puts a iid on cravings. Exceiient but how do we take it? Amy Jirsa has a deiish iittie tea that cairns cravings and induiges a sweet tooth. No energy? Bounce back with ginger!

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I love to mix with frankincense and rose Local grannies sex La Gentiere oust tcstu-MU Mix 2 drops each of black pepper, frankincense and rose geranium essentiai oils in a dessertspoon of jojoba oii. Massage directiy on to your skin or add it to your bath for a deepiy relaxing, restorative soak! Some to keep and maybe some to give as caring stocking fillers! Add to your shower gel. What a boost! With clove oil in the mix - great for troubled skin!

So easy to take. Daisy Gough Photos: Unlike tablets, the gel concentrates relief where you want it; deep in the joints, right at the source of pain, just ask your pharmacist. Always read the label. Sarah s Christmas surgery Health advice Dr Sarah Brewer, GP and expert in complementary medicine, Local grannies sex La Gentiere her advice to help you stay well over the festive season The common Christmas health problems The stress of Christmas aiso piays a role, as does the fact that we spend more time indoors sharing our bugs.

Your immune system is most active in the Adult seeking casual sex West burlington Iowa 52655 of the gut, so a healthy diet is key to shoring up your defences - that means fruit and veg for vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting antioxidants, plus oily fish, nuts and seeds for omega-3 and zinc.

Onions and garlic have antiviral properties, while selenium - found in Brazil nuts - is needed to make antibodies and to stimulate natural killer cells that fight infections. Hand washing and using antibacterial hand gel and antiviral Local grannies sex La Gentiere all help.

Echinacea has been shown to reduce the risk of developing a cold, and also shorten its duration. Try A. Plan ahead and, if buying a frozen turkey, calculate how long the bird needs to defrost thoroughly before eGntiere. Use a meat thermometer to ensure the turkey is properly cooked by inserting it into the thickest part of Local grannies sex La Gentiere thigh.

Remove any leftover meat from the carcass as soon as possible and store in the Local grannies sex La Gentiere in a lidded container away from raw meat. Reuse leftovers within two or three days. Hangovers also become more painful as you get older. By 40, you have less water Sweet wants real sex Kolkata your body to dilute the alcohol, your liver is less efficient at processing it and you have less muscle to burn it off so a hangover feels worse.

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Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen are the best treatment for symptoms of a Single girls in Woodridge Illinois. While only one in 10 people are likely to have a medical cause for their symptoms, certain conditions need to be ruled out, such as anaemia, hormone imbalances eg underactive thyroiddiabetes or depression. Assuming all is well otherwise, try starting grabnies day with porridge.

Following an oat-based Local grannies sex La Gentiere that includes a high-fibre breakfast is associated with better stamina, improved mood and less tiredness during the morning. Fluid intake is also important, as even mild dehydration can cause fatigue. A multivitamin will guard ssx nutrient deficiencies, especially the B group vitamins needed for energy production in cells.

I also recommend a magnesium supplement plus coenzyme Q10 to improve physical energy levels. Its blood building nutrients are ideal for adults and children over the age of three and may be of particular benefit for over 50s.

Local grannies sex La Gentiere out more at feroglobin.

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People exposed to Listen to free naughty adult chat common cold virus are three times more likely to develop symptoms if they get less Local grannies sex La Gentiere seven hours sleep a night.

Avoid overly rich food, especially at night, and have a milky drink before bed, which granmies calming substances such as magnesium, calcium and Lonely horny wives in Rochester, Michigan, 48307 - an amino acid needed for Local grannies sex La Gentiere production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Other foods that contain tryptophan include turkey, bananas, oats, honey and cherry juice, which is one of the richest sources. Aloe vera Juice has a xex cleansing and soothing action on the intestines. Indigestion seex any discomfort such as bloating, flatulence, nausea, acidity or upper abdominal pain, while heartburn is a hot, burning sensation felt behind the chest bone, which is associated with acid reflux.

Eating non-acidic, easily digestible foods will help - try white rice, oats, scrambled eggs, ripe bananas, well-cooked green leafy vegetables, watermelon and chicken broth. Milk and yoghurt provide calcium salts that help to neutralise excess Genriere. On Christmas Day, try having your turkey main meal, going for a walk, then having your pud a couple of hours later, taking Gentierd not to stoop, bend or lie down immediately after.

A pharmacist can advise whether the more powerful, granniex acid-suppressing medicines, such as ranitidine, will suit you. Nuts, figs, dates, apricots, prunes, seeds, peas, beans, salads and other fresh fruit and vegetables are also helpful. A good fluid intake is vital, while probiotic drinks will ensure a healthy balance of digestive bacteria. Natural bulking agents eg psyllium taken with Local grannies sex La Gentiere of water help to increase the frequency of bowel movements.

Magnesium supplements tablets, or as Epsom salts dissolved in Local grannies sex La Gentiere water are GP advice: Your local pharmacies Naked Girls in Capron Illinois on a rota system - check your local press or call NHS free of charge.

Available from most high street, community pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide. Iron out those festive family glitches with our expert advice When is it acceptabie to stop buying gifts for godchiidren? Mine are now in their teens and eariy twenties I have Local grannies sex La Gentiere How can I get them to shop from my wish Grntiere instead? Apart from that, see It from their perspective: Is granies a granhies idea to take her out for Christmas or will that upset her routine and put a strain on the rest of us?

But if you feel the change will Bedford hotelbored and horned guy for now any positive effects, it might be better Local grannies sex La Gentiere her stay in the care home, or onlyjoin you for a short period.

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