Laura's Platform

Laura Oatman for Congress Platform

What I stand for. What I will fight for.


  1. Green Revolution: protect environment, find solutions to climate change; vision of America 2050 – green renewable energy jobs, high-speed rail; a New Deal


  1. Women’s Rights: protect equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, pro-choice


  1. Bigotry: protect Constitutional Rights of liberty & justice for all; fight racism, sexism, xenophobia, all forms of discrimination; implement immigration reform; protect LGBT rights; reverse Muslim ban


  1. Healthcare: healthcare is a human right; implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system; end war on drugs; protect social security, medicare & Medicaid; fight opioid epidemic


  1. Education: education is a human right; eliminate crushing student debt; free community college and jobs training programs for jobs of future


  1. Democracy: Free & fair elections (money out of politics, ban super PACS, corporations out of politics, public financing for elections); Free Speech; Net Neutrality


  1. Protect Working & Middle Class families: support a Living Wage, support unions and collective bargaining; shift tax burden off middle class by making top 1% pay fair share; close corporate tax loopholes & offshore tax havens; block bad trade deals, keep jobs in America


  1. Peace: internationally - end unnecessary wars & nation building; support diplomacy before war; nationally – pass common-sense gun safety reform; abolish death penalty


  1. Gun Safety: enact common-sense gun regulations


  1. Homelessness: many women and veterans, moral & fiscal responsibility to address now