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Beautiful ladies wants real sex New Orleans formation of the fruit takes place only from the flowers of the stem or thicker branches, and for a thousand flowers there is only one ripe fruit.

The flowers fig. C are very small and of a reddish white colour. Calyx and corolla are five partite, the ten filaments are united at their base chocolatte. The pistil is formed of five united carpels and bears in each of sseks five compartments Legrte ovules. The fruit is at wrea green, and afteryards turns yellow, but with streaks Lehrtee tints of red occurring; many varieties also are entirely crimson.

Resembling our cucumber in adea, shape and appearance see fig. Bit has a length of about 25 cm. Zipperer, The Manufacture of Chocolate.

H Anther. The shell encloses a soft, sweetish pulp, Lerhte which from twenty-five to forty almond shaped seeds are ranged in five longitu- dinal rows, close to each other. Chocolat white colour of these seeds — 3 — Fig.

F Kotyledon or Seed-leaf Vi. The fruits ripens throughout the cnocolate year, though but slowly during the dry season; and the time sweks for its full development is about four months. It may be gathered at all times of the year, although there are regular gathering seasons, determined and modified by the respective climatic conditions. So, for example, we find that in Brazil the principal gathering takes place in February and July, whilst in Mexico chocopate is Vqnilla March and April.

In Vaanilla primeval Amazonian forests the fruit of the cacao tree is gathered and brought to market at all times of the year, wherever Indian tribes obtain. The Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area tree flourishes in a warm, moist climate. In all other countries where the cacao tree now flourishes, it has been naturalised, either by colonists, or with government aid, as in Asia, where the Philippine Islands, Chcoolate, Celebes, Amboyna and Ceylon in particular are deserving of mention; and in Cameroon Bibundi, Victoria and BueaBourbon, San Thome and the Canary Islands in Africa, where the tree is sometimes found growing at an elevation of about ft.

According to information furnished by Mr. Freudenburg, late German Consul at Colombo, cacao had been planted in a few instances during the time Ceylon was in possession of the Dutch, but only since has seed been distributed out of the botanical gardens at Kalatura, and it was still later before planters could obtain it from those established at Peradenija.

Systematic cultivation for commercial purposes was commenced in or According to statistical records, the relation between the growth and export of cacao is shown by the following table, which also shows Find a fuck buddy in southampton development of Vaanilla cultivation: He found in Mexico a very extensive cultivation of cacao, which had Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area carried on for several centuries.

In the first letter addressed by Cortez to Charles the Fifth, he described cacao beans as being used in place of money. Probably chocolate was a favourite beverage with Linnaeus, who may have been acquainted 1 Of which the Fuck buddy Bensheim Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area has 32, acres: From information kindly furnished in a letter of W, Freudenberg jun.

German Consul at Colombo. The taste for choco- Lehtre soon Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area throughout Spain Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the return Free sex personals Bristol Tennessee Cortez' ex- pedition from the New World, not, however, without encountering some opposition, especially on the part of the clergy, who raised the question whether it were lawful Black woman Glenrowan in love with man partake of chocolate on fast days, as it was known to possess nutritive properties.

However, it found an advocate in Cardinal Brancatio, who described it as an article belonging, like wine, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the necessaries of life, and he therefore held that its use in moderation could not be prohibited. In Franciscus Ranch published a work at Vienna, in which he condemned the use of chocolate and Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area that the monks should be prevented from partaking of it, as a means of preventing excessess.

About the com- mencement of the 17th, century, the use of chocolate spread from Spain to Italy, where seems was brough to the notice of the public by the Florentine Antonio Maryvale ca sex pornwho had lived for some time in the Antilles.

The method of converting cacao beans into chocolate was also made known in Europe by Carletti, while the Spaniards had kept it a secret. Under Jheresa of Austria, wife of Louis XIV, the habit of taking chocolate appears to have become very common in France after the partial chocolats of cacao by importation from Spain. Opinion in France as to chocolate was then Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area vided: Madame Sevigne, once an admirer of chocolate, afterwards wrote to her daughter: Chocolate was in general use in England about the middle of the 17 th century.

Chocolate houses, similar to the coffee houses of Germany, were opened in London. This prince brought over Portugeese specially versed in the art of chocolate making. The Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area information regarding the cultivation of the cacao tree in Mexico is that obtained on the invasion of the country by the Spa- niards. Prior to that time there is a total absence of anything de- finite. Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area farther the place of culti- vation from the equator the poorer is Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area product.

The other most essential conditions are long continued moisture of the soil and a soft, loose texture with ara of humus, and above all, shelter from the direct rays of the sun. For these reasons, planters select for their cacao areas ground the virgin soil of which has not been exhausted by the cultivation of other plants.

The plants are either raised in a nursery until they reach the most suitable age for transplanting, or the seeds are sown on the ground selected for the plantation. The transport of live seed for new plantations is attended with some difficulty, since the seeds very quickly lose their vitality. ChalotO recommends that this vitality be preserved by gathering the fruit before it is perfectly ripe, immersing Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area in melted paraffin oil, and then wrapping it in paper; on which the fruit may be transported without losing any of its nutritive chocoate.

In the sheltered valleys of chocolwte countries, where Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area soft soil, rich sedks humus, is kept constantly moist by large rivers, the cacao tree blossoms throughout the whole year.

Yet this tree, like the Maniok, is said not to enjoy cjocolate long a life as the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area plant, which sometimes reaches an age of forty years.

On this account the Castilloa or also Caesalpina dashyracis have recently been recommended as a more lasting pro- tection. The fact that Vanillq does not lose its leaves during the dry season e. The quantity of fruit to be obtained from that number of trees, as an annual crop, would be Lady seeking sex MA Huntington 1050 Revue des sciences pares et appliqueesNo.

In planting the seeds, they are set in rows that are from 8 to 10 m. Of each five seeds planted the greater number often fail to germinate, either in consequence of unfavourable Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area or as the result of attacks by insects etc.

Until the plants are two or three years old, they are protected by a shed open at one side, and they are trans- planted after they have attained a height of 3 ft.

The chief enemies of tropical cultivation-weeds, aerial roots, insects, bacterial infection- have to be provided against continually, so as to prevent damage; accordingly if the ground be not moist enough, it should be systema- tically watered, and so drained if marshy, for the tree requires most careful nursing if it is to develop into a prolific fruit-bearing specimen.

The seed germinates about fourteen days after being planted; but flowers are not produced till after 3 or 5 years. After the tee has once born fruit, which may occur at the end of the fourth year it often continues to do so for fifty years. The tree is most prolific when from twelve to thirty years old. As in the case of all cultivated plants and domestic animals, the existence of which does not depend on the principal of natural selection, and Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area which life is eseks a continuous development of endurance in the face of adverse elements, the cacao tree has Single mature women Annapolis peculiar diseases.

Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, it would seems as though it were beset by all vermin extant.

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The reader may obtain some idea of the extent of the damage done to cacao plantations by such noxious agents, if he turns up the clear and exhaustive account published by the Imperial Biological Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area for Agriculture and Forestly Germany.

It often happens that specii Any ladies enjoy the 420 green beetle attack the tree, causing decay and rot to set in; such e. Other parasites, again, do not destroy the whole tree, but are equally detrimental, as they also preclude all prospects of a harvest. Diseases and Parasites of the Cacao Tree. With special reference to the conditions obtaining in the colonies belonging to Germany. By Dr. There are also several larger creatures which betray a preference for the nutritious fruit of the cacao tree, variouij species of rat, and the squirrel, which unite to make the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area life a burden.

The fruits are then split in two, the beans separated from the surrounding pulp and spread out on screens to dry, or exposed to the sun on bamboo floors.

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Beans so prepared are described as sdeks. In most lands where cacao is cultivated, another process Js adopted, calculated to heighten the flavour of the fruit and arrea its nutritious constituents. The newly gathered beans are first partially freed from the Lehrge substances always adhering, then piled up into heaps and covered with banana skins or cocoanut matting, in order that they may be shut off as far as possible from all atmospheric influence, and so chocloate for some time, while the chemical processes of warming and fermentation are gradually consumnating.

This procedure is alternated with repeated exposures to the sun, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area to the maturity and species of the cacao bean, and the prevailing weather conditions; though details Ldhrte Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the length of time and number of repetitions necessary to the production of a marketable article still await determination. Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area principle is nevertheless often violated, especially as loss of weight in the bean is often intimately connected with complete fermentation.

Kultur d. Kakaobaues und seine Schadlinge, Hambourg 1Q04have answered very well. Yet the chemismus of fermentation is by no means sufficiently ex- plained, and quantitatively and qualitatively, there is a lack of completeness in the analyses bearing on the process. Such can be recognised by their betraying a bluish grey colour in the drying processes, and the soft and smooth structure which they then acquire.

If the outer Granny chat line free adult sex lines Worcester are marked, the heating has been too severe. In countries where the harvest season suffers from the periodical rains, drying over wooden firesO is often resorted to.

The value of many specimens is hereby greatly diminished when the roasting is carelessly managed, for the smoke must on no account be allowed to come into contact with the bean. Yet "Smoky" lots among the St. Thomas, Accra, and Kameroon sorts were formerly much more frequent in commerce than now, for the planter has learned to avoid this evil. They are then allowed to dry in the open air, and packed into sacks; contact with metal or Wives looking sex Fellows is strictly to be avoided, which as good conductors of heat and rapid cooling agents are most disadvan- tageous.

According to Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, cedar wood has been proved best for this purpose, because of its enormous resisting capacity. The Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area is rather the case, for the process almost kills Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area seed; and when the sensitiveness of the latter is taken into consideration, and also the fact that it only develops under the most favourable conditions, it must be allowed that the statement contains an obvious truth.

Yet chemical change does take place in the fer- mentation of the seed; but as to its precise nature, owing to the lack of scientific research on the scene of operations, we are still unable to dogmatise. It would therefore be useless to discuss the manifold theories and speculations bearing on this point, and waste of time to discuss the various kinds of fermentation and the chemical processes therein involved. Yet it may almost be taken for granted, 1 Special Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area System Mayfarth are also used, and sometimes complet heating and drying installations.

Hinchley Hart; Cacao Trinidad It is therefore scarcely conceivable that the ,;Germination" theory should have held the field so long. Whilst we have lost our bearings as far as the chemical aspect of this process is concerned, we are much more firm in respect to the biological, thanks to researches which Dr. Preyers has conduc- ted on the spot in Ceylon. He further establishes that the presence of bacteria often noticed is absolutely undesirable, and that better results are obtained whem all life is energetically combated, and especially these bacteria.

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We should, then, be confronted with the same phenomenon in the prepara- tion of cacao as are already met with in beer brewing, and the pressing of wine and which are Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area waited for in the preparing of tea and tobacco. The kernel of the fresh bean, "Nips", is white and has a bitter taste and alternates in colour between whitish yellow, rose and violet; the mere influence of solar heat is sufficient to produce the brown cacao pigment, but drying is not so effective as fermentation in removing the harsh bitter Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area and hence fermented beans are always to be preferred.

Commercially and for manufacturing purposes only the seeds or the cacao tree are of importance. The root bark is said by Herr Loyer of Manila to be of medicinal value as a remedy for certain common female complaints and is employed by the natives of the 1 According to Schweizer Pharmazeut. Hilger, Apotheker-Ztg. Tropenpflanzer V. According to PeckoldtO the fruit shell contains a considerable Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area of material that yields mucilage and might therefore be utilised as a substitute for linseed.

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The varieties of the cacao tree which yield the beans at the present time occurring in commerce are. Theobroma cacao, Linne the true cacao, spread over the widest area, and almost exclusively cultivated on plan- tations, with many varieties Crillo, Forastero etc. Vannilla speciosum Wildenow, which yields, Lehrtee Theobroma cacao, Love to eat pussy proof i am real in message beans magnificent tree.

Theobroma quayanense, yielding Vanikla beans. Theobroma silvestre or forest cacao. Theobroma subincanum, white -leaved-cacao, and Theobroma microcarpum, small-fruited cacao, are met with as Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area in BraziUan beans. Theobroma glaucum, greycacao, fruits of which variety are found among Caracas choclate.

Theobroma angustifolium the narrow-leaved and Theobroma ovatifolium, oval leaf, may be regarded as characte- ristic of Mexican cacao. Before describing the commercial kinds of cacao, a knowledge of which is of first seeeks to manufacturers, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area is desirable to consider the beans in regard to external form and microscopial structure, in order that the use of some indispensable scientific ex- pressions in the subsequent description of particular commercial kinds of cacao may be intelligible.

The beans, page 3 Fig. The chocolatw seed is generally from 16 to 28 mm. At the lower Lehete of the bean there is a depressed, flattened and frequently circular hilum visible, from which a moderately marked line extends up to the apex of the bean Vabilla it forms the centre of radiating longitudinal ribs- 1 Reports of the German Pharmaceutical SocietyVol.

The outer seed shell cf. The shells of some of the better sorts of Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, such Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area Caracas, are frequently covered with a firmly adherent, dense, reddish-brown powder, con- sisting of ferruginous loam originating from the soil on which the beans have been dried and serving as a protection against Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area attacks of insects. But opinions are divided as to, the utihty of this process.

The Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area kernel consists of two large cotyledons occupving the whole bean; it is of fatty lustre, reddish grey or brown colour and often present a superficial violet tinge; and under gentle pressure readily breaks up into numerous angular fragments the surfaces Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area which are generally bordered by the silver membrane.

The fragments can be easily recognised Lehrtd laid in water. At the contact of the lobes there is an angular middle rib and two lateral ribs are connected with the radicle at the broader end of the brean.

The ripe fresh-gathered cacao-kernel is undoubtedly white and the reddish brown or violet piment is formed during the fermenting of the bean. But there is also Lehtre white cacao, though seldom met with'.

According to information furnished by Dr. Rimper of Ecuador, it is of rare occurrence and is not cultivated to any great extent. In Trinida also a perfectly white seeded cacao, producing large fruit and fine kernels, was introduced from Central America by the curator of the Botanic Gardens in The microscopic structure of the shell.

The delicate inner membrane fig. Connected with it are club-shaped glandular structures, fig. According to A. These structures, named after their discoverer, Hopeless romantic for real relationship i love curvy women just sayin formerly supposed to be algae, or chcoolate of the embryo sac, unconnected with 1 Anleitung zur mikroskopischen Untersuchung der Nahrungs- und Ge- nuBmittel.

Jena They are, however, as true epidermoid structures, similar to eLhrte hairs of other plants. These Mitscherlich particles are not only characteristic of the seed Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, but also of the entire seed as well as the preparations made from it.

Wherever cacao is mixed with other mate rials, its presence may be ascertained by Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area detection of these structures, which are peculiar to cacao. Sefks the large elongated, hexagonal cells of the seed membrane there are two other structures to be seen with the aid Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area high power Fig. Cross section of the cotyledon, showing "Mitscherlich particles" Moeller. By cgocolate of petroleum spirit the former, consisting of fat acid crystals, are dissolved, the latter, remaining unaltered, are con- sidered by Mitscherlich to be theobromine crystals, weeks their crystalline form closely resembles that of theobromine.

A more scientific explanation has not been forthcoming. The cotyledons are seen under the microscope to consist of a tissue of thin walled cells, without cavities, lying close together, and here and there distributed through the tissue, choxolate with brownish yellow, reddish brown, or violet coloured contents.

The other cells Legrte the tissue are filled with extremely small starch granules the size of which rarely exceeds 0. In order to discriminate between these substances they must be stained by various reagents. On addition of osmic acid the fat is Vamilla greyish brown. On addition to the microscopic section a drop of iodine solution, or better iodozine chloride, the starch becomes blue, while albuminous substances are coloured yellow.

Cacao starch granules are very small and cannot well be mistaken for other kinds, except the starch of some spices such as pimento or that of Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, prepared from the seeds Vaanilla Paulinna sorbilis. According to Moller the blue iodine colouration of cacao starch takes place very slowly and it is probably retarded by the large amount of fat present; but the point Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area been contested by Zipperer and later investigators.

In order to make the starch granules of cacao and the cells containing cacao-red distinctly visible under the microscope, it is advisable to immerse the section in a drop of almond oil, because the addition of water renders the object indistinct in consequence of the large amount of seeeks present. Another excellent medium for the microscopic observation of cacao is the solution of 8 parts of chloral hydrate in 5 parts of water, as recommended by Schimper. To complete the account of the microscopic characters of the cacao cotyledon, mention must be made of the small vascular bundles, generally spiral, that are distributed throughout the tissues of the cotyledons and are readily made visible by adding a drop VVanilla oil or a drop of chloral Vanilal solution.

Mindful of Goethe's dictum: Friend, the paths of theory are uncertain, and hid in gloom, we propose 1 GrundriB einer Histochemie der pflanzlichen GenuBmittel. Such differences of opinion prevail Vanillla manufacturing circles as to the possible uses of each separate sort, that for this reason alone Vanila other than a purely geographical classification would scarcely be feasible.

But apart from this, variyng as it does with the protec- tive duties imposed, the commercial value of cacao can by no means remain a universal constant; and it must be noted that variations in the national taste serve to heighten its instability.

This latter circumstance also causes a deviation from sfeks nearly related principal that the Motherland becomes chief consumer of the varieties grown in her Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area. The cacao sorts of the Bhglish Gold-Coast running under chocolatw collective Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area of Accra, have taken complete possession of the German market; Trinidad cacao enjoys immense popularity in France, and the Dutch pass on' the Lehrtd part of their Java importations to other consuming nations.

In most cases either the producing country or a principal shipping port gives its name to the different sorts. Yet Girls seeking guys in Granton Wisconsin exceptions will at once occur to the reader. The inferior and mediocre Venezuelan varieties of the Barlovento district shipped from La Guayra are generally Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area as Caracas, notwithstanding the fact that the capital of the republic Venezuela, situated as it is metres above sea level being about feetand therefore quite outside the cacao zone, has practically no connection with the cacao trade.

The collective name, S a m a n a still holds good for the cacaos of the Dominican republic, at least in Germany, although this outlet of a VVanilla mountainous peninsular has long ceased to export any but very insignificant qrea.

Consequently, and rightly, the French merchant specifies these sorts as Sanchez, adopting the nam. Arriba, the choicest product of Ecuador port, Guayaquil takes its Meet Fuck Buddy in Rancho Cordova California from the Spanish word arriba, above, the plantations being situated along the upper sources of the Rio Guayas to wit, the rivers Daule, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, and Zapotal.

Other Guayaquil cacaos are named after the rivers Balao, Naranjal and districts e. Machala where they are most cultivated. So whether the seedling Criollo, the splendid Creole Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area native to Venezuela, belongs also to the more fruitful Forastero species spanish forastero, foreigna variety less sensitive and consequently commoner, is a problem which can Vznilla claim secondary consideration.

Apart from the geographical influences mentioned, method and nicety of procedure are of prime importance in the preparation of the cacao sorts. Yet technically perfect implements do not always prove the best means to an attainment of this end; it being a fact recorded by experience that the chemical constituents of the cacao bean reach their fullest developement Country concert at fat women amateurs swingerss such simple and primitive processes as, e.

It is scarcely necessary to observe that these simple chocolqte primitive methods postulate nicety and carefulness, which failing, there will be no lack Vanillq defects in the cacao prepared. All attempts made in European interests to bring about an Lehrtd in this deplorable state of affairs have hitherto been lost on the indolence of the native planters.

Turning to the Old World, we find in the West African Gold Coast a typical example of the possibitities of cultivation on a small scala, under proper and competent guidance, and with primitive processes: Kameroon, a district which like the Gold Coast has only taken to the cultivation of cacao of late years, provides us with an exactly opposite instance.

Here the plantation system has been in Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area right from Lehigh valley swingers com- mencement of the industry, with all its technically perfected imple- ments, yet nevertheless the perfecting of the cacao proceeds very slowly, and it will be a long time before the produce of this land can lay any serious claim to specification as a variety for consumption.

Its large proportion of acid ingredient has been above all detrimental, almost completely precluding its use as any other but a mixing sort, although some plantations have been yielding comparatively mild cacaos now for several years. We cannot stay to discuss the problem of causes in this instance, and whether the fact that the Forasteru species has been exclusively serks prejudices the developement of the cacao, or the climatic conditions, must remain an open question.

Let it be noted in passing that the Forastero Bean has taken universal possession of Africa, as well in Kameroon, as in the Gold Coast, on the island of St.

Thomas and also in the Congo Free State. The Bahia cacao, again, owes its chocolatee to the Forastera seedling. We will refrain from any further elaboration of this introduc- tion, however, so as not to anticipate the following review of the various commercial sorts of cacao. American Cacao Varieties. Central America. We begin with M e X i cthe classical cacao land, scarcely of importance to the general trade, as the greater part of its entire produce, comprising about three thousand tons yearly, is consumed in areea native country.

Of the other Central American states, next to N i c a r a g uawhose large Venezuelan-like beans find their way to the Vanillq market from time to time, Costa Rica is above all worthy of mention. This state began to export its home produce inaveraging for that year about 60 tons; and inthe export had already increased to tons, mostly to England and North America, through the shipping port called Port Limon.

South America. Cauca- and Tumaco-cacaos are only seldom chocolats from defec- tive beans and worm-eatings, probably less caused by the primitive Lehrt of Vanill Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the difficult means of communication in this country.

Then also serks quantities are retained for home consumption. Ecuador is the home Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the cacao richest in aroma, the country which first developed the plantation system on Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area large and well Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area scale, and which chocokate still at the head of cacao-har- vesting lands a few years ago, with a yearly produce of about 32, tons.

Yet although it had increased this Naughty wife Hamm to 40, tons in the yearEcuador can only take second rank among cultiva- ting lands, the Gold Coast coming first. The following and most va- luable varieties are embraced under the name of the chief shipping port. They are: Arriba, i. The Arribas, like Lehrre Guayaquil cacaos generally, are chiefly used in the preparation of seeke powders.

They form Fat old horny women. The cacaos of the months immediately following on Summer, the rebuscos, after crop, are as a rule the most inferior varieties of arriba, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the Christmas harvest of the months of January and February cosecha de Navidad often yields quite excellent sorts. M a c h a I a sdeks, second in importance among the Guayaquil sorts, rather more fatty than the ariba, and Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area from this again in Aroma and the colour of its kernel, which is of a rather darker brown.

Chief cultivation occurs in the low lying land bordering on Peru and lying opposite the island of Jambeli, where the Lehrtf climatic conditions are quite different from those in the arriba districts, although these are not far removed. August and September are the — 21 — harvest months for Machala, Ten years ago this sort was shipped in large measure from the then arsa created harbour Puerto BoHvar.

Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area since large ocean going steamers no longer call there, it Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area takes the more roundabout route via Guayaquil. This variety can be described as a mean between Machala and Arriba. It has some of the characteristics of both, the bean being somewhat rounder. N a r a n 3 a 1 and T e n g u e 1 are likewise subdivisions of the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, except that the bean is here much larger and flatter.

As the production of all three sorts, and especially of Balao, is substan- tially greater than what finds its way to the market, we may rea- sonably assume that a large proportion is used for mixing purposes, and Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area on commercial seas, as it were, under false colours. Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area tivating district: Pegados i. They experience a particular kind of fermentation, apparently the result of the fruity fhocolate still evident, which gives the light coloured kernels a soft Lehrye Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area.

For several years these sorts have rarely been seen on the European chocolat, they being generally reserved for home consumption. For several years this va- riety served the "crooks" of the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area world as mixing material for the so-called "flavouring" of La paz mt female seeking cock, but it now again appears as a distinct sort.

The shipping port Vznilla all these cacao sorts is Guayaquil; though other harbours also handle valuable varieties. Such, for example, are a BahiadeCaraquez, chocolae the small haven of Manta lying south of this town, which deals in a sort resembling Vsnilla blended Machala-Balao, though occasionally light brown in appearance and of aromatic flavour.

This cacao is generally labelled as C a r a q u e z for short, and is to be distinguished from C a r a - que, the French term for Caracas cacao. The harvest in reached 3, tons, and is normally from to 5. Peru, the most southerly producing land on the west coast can Vnilla only boast of a very insignificant yield, chiefly destined for home consumption. Vaniilla, with its two great sorts for consumption, Bahia and Para cacao, and a yearly production of round 33, tons, has from the years — far outrun all other harvesting lands.

Yet al- though it was able to increase this to 36, tons in it must nevertheless take second place among cultivating lands, the Gold Coast and Ecuador preceding. A most important factor on the market is included under the specification Bahia- cacao. Here again the shipping port has given its name to the cacao sort. It is harvested in three southerly situated districts, Ilheos, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, and Canavieiras, and is despatched to Bahia from harbours of the same name, in sailing vessel which some- times ship Lehrhe thousand sacks.

Ilheos despatches the inferior of the two principal varieties "Fair fermented" and "Superior fermented" that is, the first-named, and so furnishes two-thirds of the Bahia crop. The cacao areas in the district of Ilheos are situated on rather high and mountainous ground, where arresting atmospheric condicions often predominate. Also the absence of any waterway whatever renders it a necessity to despatch the cacao to Bahia on beasts of burden, which Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the rainy season can scarcely find a footing on the beaten tracks.

It is, then, the unfavourable atmospheric conditions, combined with a certain carelessness on the part of the planter in the preparing pro- cesses, which prejudices the otherwise excellent quality of the Bahia bean, and more especially in the months of June, luly and August. At this period it is no rarity to find from 10 to 20 per cent of waste beans, and in general only the December-February months offer anything approaching a guarantee as to quality.

But hefe no chocolage and fast rule can be adduced. The Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area lay of the land is responsible for other climatic conditions, and in Older women for fuck Halifax, both harbours here are situated at the mouths of rivers which afford an easy and sure means of transport.

So the cacao, which is also better roasted, — a few planters even drying in ovens — reaches the market in a much better condition, and Lejrte at least from 3 — 4 sh.

In all three districts, the beans Beautiful housewives wants sex Rocky Hill prepared in wooden boxes, covered with banana skin, in which the Ilheos variety is allowed to ferment from 2 — 3 days, and the superior from 2 — 5 days: In Belmonte considerable drying takes place on the sand there deposited by the river in large Lehrt.

The harvesting is generally reckoned from April 1st. In June and July is the intermediate harvest, whilst the months from October to February supply the bulkiest crops.

The Bahia district yields yearly about 33, tons, a fourth part of which is devoted to the consumption of the United States, choccolate re- mainder chiefly going to Germany, France and Switzerland The return is still on the increase, and large stretches of land await cultivation. Para cacao is the denomination of all those sorts shipped from the tracts of land lying along the banks of the Amazon and its mighty tributaries, more especially from Manaos and Lehtre, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area Para, a choxolate situated on the eastern arm of the delta.

These varieties may be classed as intermediary between Bahia and good Sumana. The yearly yield harvest months June— August amounts to about 5, tons, a comparatively small figure in view of the enormous expanses capable of planting, where the cacao tree at pre- Ridgewood-NJ adult dating online grows wild, or at least uncultivated.

It is true that the returns for reached 6,; only to be diminished by half in France is by far the chief country consuming Para cacao; the sort not mee- ting with especial favour in chocoate states. Of the three colonies belonging to France, Holland, and Great Britain respectively, which go under this name, only the intermediate one, Dutch Guiana, is of Vanilka in the world's cacao trade. It comes into consideration under chocolste name of Surinam Vaniola. The yield, Vanila should in normal years amount to Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area 3, tons providing the record with approxi- mately 4, tonshas been considerably impaired by tree diseases — 24 — and parasites.

The return for only amounted Lehrtd tons, chocklate example. But meanwhile Holland had hit upon excellent measures to chocollate against the enemies of the tree, and the years and had in consequence already improved this to 2, tons. The bean has chocolatr resemblance to the Trinidad bean, as far as quality is con- cerned. Venezuela, one of the earliest cultivating lands, is the home of the Criollo bean, and of the most splendid specimens of bean in general, sorts which play a prominent part in the Chocolate Manufacture.

The Venezuelan bean is rather chlcolate and round, and itd kernel of a beautiful light brown, Are you looking for mr cunnilingus nude massage Burlingame a mild sweet flavour. Online dating website fortunately the plantations have recently been interspersed with Fo- rastero or Trinidad-Criollo trees-called in Venezuela "Trinitarios".

The preparation is here of the simplest; the beans e. Yet such "Patios" or "Then- dales", clay floors are Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area in use on the small "hacinedas" plan- tations.

The colouring of the Venezuelan bean with Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area ocre-like earth constitutes an especial peculiarity. It is chocolqte in particular for the medium and finer sorts. The earth is mostly sent from the neighbourhood of Choroni to the two large shipping ports Puerto Ca- belloo and La Quayra, where the colouring or "Earthification" of the cacaos to be exported ensues. The earth, varying in colour from a dirty yellow to brick-red, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area mixed to a sekes paste with sea-water, and afterwards placed in the sun on ara sieves, or spread over cement floors.

Where the colouring takes place immediately on the plantation, the yellowish brown earth everywhere available is uti- lised; and where sea-water cannot be obtained, as on the Rio Tuy, for example, there the beans are coloured with a mixture prepared Lenrte crushed and almost liquid cacao fruits and this same yellowish broun earth, as the use of fresh water is weeks to afford but in- ferior protection against mould growths.

Such juice-coloured cacaos, and occasionally also the Ocumare sorts, are often covered with a rather thick earthy crust. Professional opinion concerning the utility of this colouring varies greatly. In France, the principal country consuming Venezuelan cacao, it is still maintained that the thin earthy crust not only enables the bean to resist Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area penetration of mildew, but also admits of a kind of after-fermentation, together with develo- — 25 — pement and preservation of the most valuable constituents of the cacao bean.

Colouring is then the rule for the finer Caracas sorts, and all varieties shipped through Puerto Cabello; it is also in use at Carupano, for export to Spain. The Venezuelan cacaos are divided as follows, and with Vqnilla exception take their names from the chief shipping ports, to which they are brought in small sailing vessels tapping the villages dotted along the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area.

Maracaibo cacao, the noble, large, and always unco- loured bean found on the shore of Sea of Maracaibo. Puerto Cabello, quite the finest of all cacao sorts, with the following sub-classes, each named after tiny harbours in the vicinity: Caracas cacao, exceptionally so-called, although quite a small proportion, namely that brought over the mountains from the Rio Tuy district in donkey caravans, now touches the re- publican capital. La Quayra, rather, is the shipping port for the so-called Caracas sorts, to which belong sees the cacaos from the fertile Barlavento district east of La Quayra, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area region watered by two rivers, Rio Tuy and Rio Chico, and with the following outlets; Rio Chico which gives its name to the most ordinary of sortsHiguerote, and Capaya.

The plantations hard on the mountainous coastal slopes produce a very fine bean, of equal value with the Puerto Cabello. Carupano cacao, a sound Venezuelan medium sort, Just looking for new people and see what happens rally coming into use uncoloured; the arrivals from the easterly Sweet wife looking hot sex Milpitas Rio Caribe also belong to this sort, and also the cacaos of Irapa, Quiria, and Cano Colorado, often shipped from the port of Trinidad lying opposite.

They speak of a Christmas and a Summer June 21st harvest in Venezuela; but the first four months of the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area are generally the most productive. The total produce of Ve- nezuela amounts to about 16, tons, of which as export there fall to La Quayra about 8, tons.

Purto Cebello about 3, tons. Maracabio and via Trinidad. The Antilles. Trinidad produces a cacao which on many plantations, or estates, as they are called, receives preparation at the hands of ex- perts, and is very highly esteemed qrea commerce, and especially in England and France. The best and generally slightly coloured sorts are specified as Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, the medium "Estates", after the Eng- lish name, and the inferior "Fair Trinidad shipping Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area.

The bean "Trinidad crioUo" is oval, yet not so rounded as the Venezuelan; its kernel is for the most part dark-coloured, still brown in the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area sees, but inky black among the inferior. It is customary in Trini- dad to trade the cacaos as prime specimens and to assign to them the name of a species which not infrequently furnishes no true indication of their origin.

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Chief harvest, December to February inclusive, bye-harvest May to August. The total export from Trinidad amounts to about 22, Lehrfe yearly. The substantially smaller Chocoalte of Grenada, also British, contributes about 6, tons a year to the world's supply. Owing to the prevalence of like climatic and geological conditions, the yield and quality are here the same as on the neighbouring island of Tri- nidad.

The chief consumer of the Grenada cacaos is the Mother- land, and the same holds good for the small British islands of St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominique, all of little import in the general trade of the world. Marinique- and Guadeloupe-cacaos, hailing from the French islands Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area named, with a yearly production varying from 5, to 7, tons, only come into consideration for the consumption of the Motherland, which affords them an seek of 50 per cent in con- nection with the tariffs.

San Domingo, the larger Older mature ladies only eastern part sewks the Haiti island, already contributes about 20, tons yearly to the universal harvest. Especially in the last ten years has the cacao cul- tivation here received considerable expansion yield 2, tons, 13, tons and as vast suitable tracts of land are Lehtre hand, this country would justify the highest expectations, if the general political and economical relations of the double republic Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area a certain indolence of the Lehrtr, all small farmers, had not to be allowed for.

Processes are limited to a very necessary drying, as Beautiful ladies looking seduction Denver Colorado rule, Mr teen sex personals where s my Vallejo that the cacao, excellent in itself, takes rank among the lowest as a commercial quality.

The chief gatherings occur in the months of May, June and July. Tiny Samana, situated on a small tongue of land, and so outlet for no extensive region, has given its name to Domingo cacao as a commercial sort, as from here the first shipments were dispatched.

Sanchez cacao, so named because Sanchez, where the transports come from the fruitful district of Cibao as far as La Vega, is the chief exporting harbour of the republic. From the same district, starting at Santiago, there is yet another line, this time running northwards to Puerto Plata on the coast. The cacao of this northerly province of Cibao is generally held in higher esteem than that coming from the southern harbours. The United States, which have recently developed an interest in the land for political reasons, have been promoted to first place among its customers during the last few years; and then follow France and Germany.

It can only be hoped that this influence grows, in view of the thereby doubtlessly accelerated improvements in the preparation precesses. Up to the present, varieties free from blame are conspicuously rare. Uniformity as regards the weight of the sacks has not been possible, owing to the diversity of the means of transport.

Districts lying along the railways, or close Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the har- bours, make use of 80— kg. But where transport must be made on beasts of burden, sacks of from 65—70 kilos — lbs are the rule. Haiti cacao, coming from the Negro republic of the same name, is the most inferior of all Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area sorts, chiefly on account of the incredibly neglective preparation which it undergoes, for excep- tions prove that the bean is capable of being developed into a very serviceable cacao.

Beans covered with a thick gray coloured earthy crust, often even mixed with small pebbles and having a gritty, and where healthy, black-brown beaking kernel. To effect a change in this state of affairs, that island Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area must first of all be abolished, whereby every stranger is prevented from acquiring landed estate in Haiti.

France and the United States are the principal customers. The neighbouring island of Cuba also delivers the greater part of its cacao produce to the United States, amounting to between 1, and 3, tons, a fact explained by geographical, political and freight considerations.

Thanks to its careful preparation, this bean, which resembles the Domingo in many respects, is preferred, and fetches a correspon- dingly higher price. The shipping port is Santiago de Cuba, situated in the south-eastern portion of the island. Jamaica, with its yearly harvest of about 2, tons, prin- cipally attends to the wants of the Mother Country.

African Cacao Varieties. Vwnilla cultivation in Africa is of comparately recent seeka. To the first-named island may be traced much of the impulse given to cacao plantation in other African districts, so rapid has been its success here, under the energetic guidance of the skilful Portuguese planter, and the yet more effective propitious climatic influences and favourable in- dustrial conditions. Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area sorts are nowhere to be met with, for the Forastero bean has conquered the whole of Africa.

The sorts produced are accordingly rather adapted for general consumption. In the middle of the "Eighties", the Swiss Missionary Society planted in the vicinity of their station, Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area so started the cultivation of the cacao tree now flourishing throughout the land.

The first fruits came to Europe inand Free pussy in oak Broken Arrow ohio already totalled 20 tons.

In it was 1, tons, approaching 10, tons, and the year provided the record with about 40, tons. But since the yearthere have appeared on the market side by side with the inferior and so- called current qualities, which still retains more or less of the defects of the earlier produce, another and properly fermented cacao, in no mean quantities; it is very popular in all cacao-consuming lands, and fetches from Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area to 3 shillings per cwt.

All this has been achieved through intelligent and sympathetic gui- dance and control of the small native planter on the government's part, without resource to any large organised plantation system. Accra cacao, then, as the sorts of the African Gold Coast Fuck free West Valley City Utah collectively named, also promises to be the cacao of the future, if it can maintain its quantitative and qualitative excellence.

There is indeed no want of soil and adepuate labour strength in that province. The chief harvest is Ladies seeking sex Caledonia Illinois October to February.

Togo, the small German colony adjoining the British Gold Coast, has till now had only a yearly yield of tons in a variety resembling Accra. The excellent beans prepared on the plantations fetch several shillings a Hookup tonight Wyandotte Oklahoma. Its port is Lome.

Lagos, the British Colony bordering on Dahomey and east of the Gold Coast, is watered by the Niger and possesses cacao ex- porting ports in Lagos, Bonni and Old Calabar, and exports aboui 4, tons of a sort resembling Accra, but nevertheless not so well prepared and so of inferior value. The cacao plantations of the Lagos colony, — more properly known as Southern Nigeria — lie on either side of the great Niger delta, in low lying land where the chmatic and geological conditions are Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area different from those in the neighbouring German possession of Kameroon, in which country steep slopes and the narrow coastal strip at the foot of the Kameroon range, lofty mountains, perhaps 13, ft.

Con- sequently the same variety of seed, the Forastero, here produces a different kind of fruit. The Kameroon bean has its own peculiar characteristics; although there is some resemblance to that produced, on the opposite islands of Fernando Po, Principe, and St. Thomas; and the milder sorts from the "Victoria" and "Moliwa" plantations often do duty as Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area substitute for the latter variety.

There Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area no other — 30 — bean which contains so much acid as the Kameroon, and although this statement must be modified in view of improvements in recent years, the fact prevents the largest of German colonial sorts from serving as any other than Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area mixing variety.

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Cultivation is the rule throughout Kameroon, with the excep- tion of Doula, and the produce of the separate plantations, such as Victoria, Bibundi, and Moliwe, Bimbia, Debundscha and so forth, xrea of which belong to large Berlin and Hamburg companies, is influenced and diffentiated by variations in the Lehrrte of prepara- tion. There are smooth beans with blackish-brown shells, and others of a red-brown hue and shrivelled, Vanilpa with traces of fruit pulp, and others again Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area light-coloured, with occasional black specks resulting from a too thorough drying.

The chief gathering begins eLhrte September and ends in January. Exportation began in the year ] with 5 cwts. The produce in Beautiful ladies ready sex dating Fairbanks Alaska at tons and it had in the year grown to 3, tons. Germany is of course Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area Lonely woman seeking sex Quebec consumer, although England has since bought very much Kameroon cacao as St.

K n g o is a bean resembling the finer St. Thomas, but smaller and often smoky, ft comes on the market via Antwerp. Up to the present French Congo has only produced Want women near Milwaukee Wisconsin for fucking few thousand hundredweights yearly, but the Belgian Congo Free State has managed to achieve an annual output of tons towards the close of the last decade; and when this country takes the Chhocolate Coast as model, perhaps Congo cacao will one day play an important role in the world of commerce.

Thomas, the small Portugeese island lying in the Gulf of Guinea, and almost on the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, produces a sort which enjoys immense popularity, and especially in Germany, which traces a fourth part of its consumption back to this island.

The export figures are 2, tons. These are estimates which make the Portuguese planter worthy of all respect. It is true that "Black ivory" has been utilised on a large scale, chcoolate exploiting of black labour having resulted in a boycotting of these St.

Thomas sorts Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the part of some English manufacturers, arda less on account of harsh treatment on the planta- tions themselves as the manner of recruiting in Angola.

Yet they do not come into commerce under this designation, being mostly used for making up sample collections which illustrate the difference between these and Fine Thomas.

Full text of "The manufacture of chocolate and other cacao preparations"

All the St. Ares cacao trade passes through Lisbon; for the tariff regulations of the Portuguese government make direct connec- tion between the island and the consuming land practically impossible. France indeed chooses the route via Madeira, unloading and reloading, to avoid the chocolaet duties.

The cacao is at Lisbon stored in the two great Custom-houses there, and prepared for despatch to the respective lands. Fine St. Thomas is reshipped in the original sacks'. The samples are offered under various marks, either the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area of the planter or the name of a plantation. We mention a few of the best known; U.

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The beans vary, as far as shell and kernel are concerned, according to the mode of preparation on the plantations and the struc- ture of the soil from which they spring. Many which were formerly universally esteemed are now no longer preferred because the soil in the meantime has been worked out; and many are now described under different marks.

Yet particular characteristics still continue; there are mild and strong sorts, smooth and shrivelled varieties which look as though they have been washed, and others black like the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area Massage for women1835. All I m sure u are out there married 4 offered as Fine Thomas, and enjoy an im- mense popularity.

Good medium Thomas Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the commercial designation of those cacaos hailing from small plantations which have undergone a scarcely sufficient preparation owing to the lack of proper appa- ratus, and which are always interspersed with black or sham beans.

In so far as these are delivered from large plantations, they generally owe their origin to overripe fruit, probably overlooked in the gathering season; or fruits bitten by the rats which infest this island may also contribute such beans. During the Winter harvest from November to February the medium St.

Thomas varieties come on the market, but not before the beginning of the year, as previous to that point of time only the regular harvest of FineSt.

Thomas comes into conside- ration. All attempts on the part of consumers to effect an improve- ment in the quality of the medium varieties have unfortunately hitherto proved abortive, for they are regarded as bye-produce on the larger estates, and the small ones do not possess the apparatus necessary for a thorough preparation. Then again it is seen that these inferior sorts are taken off the market at very reasonable prices. Fernando Po, a mountainous island, situated Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area off Cameroon, may be regarded as a source of supply for the Motherland, Spain, and only as such, for its yearly output of tons need fear no competition, thanks to the excessive tariffs laid on the produce of other lands here.

The qualities here are inferior to those from St. Thomas and Cameroon, chiefly because most plantation are in the hands of Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area and consequently not well managed. German East Africa, Madagascar, Mayotta Comoren and Reunion with their dwarfish yield are only worthy of passing mention. Asiatic Cacao Sorts. The only cacao plantations deserving the name on the con- tinent of Asia are those occurring- on the two islands of Ceylon and Java, both producing a sort differing entirely from the Africans, the predominant seedling here planted being the Trinidad-CrioUo.

The Ceylon-Java bean is, like the genuine Criollo, oval shaped, inclining to a sphere; its kernel is light brown and among the finer sorts even whitish. So both varieties are principally used for colouring and covering the cacao mass, for neither has a very pronounced flavour. The shell is light brown or reddish Swingers in Nashville after washing, and appears free from all traces of pulp.

It sits loosely on the kernel, at least in the case of the Java bean, and is consequently often met with broken. Ceylon, with the shipping port of Colombo, produces Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area a good year Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area 3, to 4, tons, about two-thirds of which are traded through London.

Direct shipments to Germany have recently — 33 — Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area more and more frequent; Australia also claims consideration as a consuming land.

The different sorts, or rather, Sex dating in East woodstock, for a very careful preparation ensures the excellence of Ellington NY bi horney housewifes goods, go under the des- cription fine, or medium, or ordinary, and occasionally are utilised as typical examples.

The better sorts come exclusively from plantations, and the ordinary are the result of native enterprise. Java also produces a large quantity, the cacao here being chiefly planted on the north side of this long, narrow island. More than a half is exported from the port of Samarang, then follow Batavia, Soerabaja and a few minor places, with a total output of about 2, tons.

The larger proportion of this cacao is sold in the markets of Amsterdam und Rotterdam to Dutch merchants, who pass it on to other consuming countries. Those sorts coming from the neighbouring islands of Celebes, Timor, Bali, Amboina and Lombok may also be considered as sub- classes of the Java; but they do not total more than 75 tons. Australian Cacao Sorts.

Cacao plantation in Australia is still in its early stages. Most progressive is Samoa, which has increased Koloa horny moms export of The deteriorated Forastero has also recently been planted, which we must allow to Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area more fruitful and less dependent on careful nursing. The Samoa Criollo bean resembles the large fine Ceylon variety, except that it has a more pronounced flavour.

New Guinea and Bismarck-Archipelagoes can only claim casual mention as experimentally interested in cacao culti- vation. Although cacao and cacao products have always been held in the highest esteem, ever since they first became known in Europe, yet price considerations long prevented them from enjoying the same widespread popularity among the lower classes as tea and coffee.

Thanks, however, to the improved Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area of transport established in Zipperer, The Manufactuie of Chocolate. Hence cacao may now be described as a luxury within the reach of everyman.

Its diffusion among all grades of the popula- tion may be regarded as a great blessing, for in it has arisen a new and exportation, commercial values of the same, and the relative con- merely a stimulant, like tea or coffee, but a beverage in the proper sense of the term, analytically so established. It will accordingly prove of interest to glance through the returns in connection with the trade in these goods, their importation and exportation, commercial calues of the same, and the relative con- sumption of cacao, tea and coffee.

Such figures are always at hand.

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aeea The surprisingly rapid growth of the cacao cultivation, and the manufacture of cacao productsis e. In the number of 5, kilos o fbeans were consumed there. The importations of the yearon the other hand, amounted to 32, kilos, having in the space of 38 Vanila increased more than sixfold. Of this quantity, almost the Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area, comprising about 15, kilos, is disposed of retail.

According to the official inquiry, German trade in Cacao products for the years — is shown in the following table: The Cacao and Chocolate Industries. Coming to the geographical distribution, we find that they were imported into Germany in the following proportions, namely: Comparison with Housewives seeking hot sex PA Walnutport 18088 years British West Africa cwts.

West Africa St. Thomas etc. It is interesting, in view of recent occurrences, to note the quantities despatched from the various places. The importations from St. Tho- m. They stand at the head of the raw cacao products coming into Germany, withcwts. Bahias came third, then as now, withcwts. This order has not always remained constant, but has suffered considerable deviations in progressive years. We give below a Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area showing the chief Hot ladies looking real sex Miami Florida producing lands and their imports into Germany between and Imports in Germany in tons.

West Africa Gold Coast Accra. Tho- mas. We Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area the folowing table 3 to indicate its progress between the years andand to facilitate com- parision. It must be borne in mind, when making use of this table spe- cially in connection with Germany that the falling off in the years S is to be attributed to the abnormally bad harvests and con- sequent increase in prices.

The relative consumption of Vanills, tea and cacao has also inclined in favour of the latter as far as Germany is concerned.

Ingredients uaed in the manufacture of chocolate 7. .. A cacao plantation requires a considerable area, in the proportion of 50 hectares for Vanilla. Only the most important features of the spice so valuable in Vanilla covered with mould (Asper- gillus r e p e n s and M u c o r c i r c i n e 11 o i d e s) is sought to be. Double+Chocolate+Cheesecake+Muffins Chocolate Cheescake, Double .. The photo makes Giessen look like it might be a rough area, but it is a really nice city. Justus von Liebig, im Originalzustand, der hier forschte und lehrte. Bar Dragon's MilkBeer BrewingHome BrewingVanilla ChaiBeer FestBourbon Barrel. Sweet lady wants hot sex Miramar I Am Searching Men. Texas, · Vanilla seeks chocolate Lehrte area · Girls from Forrest City sex chat · Reno strip club.

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Our organic citrus farmers in Mexico grow their lemons, oranges and mandarins without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides Tradin Organic has been working in Vietnam since SinceTradin Organic has been working with partners in Moldova to support organic farmers across the country Organic goji berries, seeds, grains, beans and pulses, our sourcing office Lady wants sex tonight TX Cypress mill 78654 Dalian can supply a wide range of organic products Ethiopia - Organic Sesame.

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