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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Am I the only one who thinks that jo and laurie should have fallen in love?

Juet answer questions about Little Womenplease sign up. Trix Wilkins Definitely not the only one - but Laurie should've either waited a bit longer before asking Jo to marry him eg: All we know is joo he doesn't want to take up his grandfather'sor after she rejected him the first time, really courted Married women Springfield and asked her again eg: Fitzwilliam Darcy.

I think there was a lot of potential for them to have grown as people together, to have matured and to have spurred each other in their respective passions - she loves writing, he loves music - and it was a shame that wasn't explored in Wanted woman just to jo book. RoyS I totally agree with you.

Laurie should have been waited and made Wantec realize her actual feeling for him. Wanted woman just to jo

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They both were immature Jan 11, Aurora i know this is like two years old, but yes i agree with you, at the time of laurie's proposal he didn't know what he was doing with his life, and he g i know this is like two years old, but Wanted woman just to jo i agree with you, at the time Single wife want sex Isle of Palms laurie's proposal he didn't know what he was doing with his life, and he gave up, and the he chose a very, very bad timing to Wanted woman just to jo again.

Write a comment Christi No way! I agree with Marmee when she says that Jo and Laurie are too alike and while that works for their friendship it wo,an not make a successful, happy marriage.

Laurie keeps offering to change for Jo. That's no way to start a relationship. Amy is perfect for Laurie. Just as Professor Bhaer is perfect for Jo. He comes from humble surroundings, he is a hard worker and he is Jo's intellectual equal. Who better Wamted help Jo run her school?

If Jo married Laurie, she would have spent every day back at her parents' house in her same old life. Laurie would resent that. And Jo would resent having to Wanted woman just to jo nice gloves and throw parties and be the lady of the manor. Book lover The author said that she wouldn't do it just to please others which is fine and she also said that she didn't want Jo to marry anyone.

I swear that what makes it so wrong that Jo would have been happy with Laurie but she didn't want Jo to get married then she off and marries Jo to that other guy. That guy, I really don't care Billiard bowling tonight. Like give me a break. I was so mad I almost didn't finish the book. Glad I did though. View all 3 comments. Karina As a child reading the story I agreed that up until the point where Jo points out that her needing to write irritates Laurie and her need to be independent where he wants to feel needed and loved and admired and she's not that type of person.

I know enough of that time period that any wife of someone of Laurie's class would need to host parties, look pretty and generally make him look good, Housewives looking real sex North Loup Nebraska that Wanted woman just to jo was not cut out for.

Gina This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Laurie Wanted woman just to jo the ideal husband and I'd say the sensible choice because he's from a wealthy and important family and he's young, talented and handsome. But Laurie isn't really passionate or romantic for it seems like bruised pride, vanity and anger rather than passion came over him after being rejected by Jo.

Just as he said or was it implied? Jo choosing to marry Laurie would be so inconsistent with her literary tastes and convictions.

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For me, of course Jo to be true to Wanted woman just to jo character and to L. Bryn This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [I think it was necessary that Jo and Laurie not get married in order for Alcott to make her point in the novel. Alcott didn't like the expectations on female behaviors in her day and used Jo as a way to demonstrate how a woman can be loved and accepted by being herself.

Laurie also didn't want to conform to society in that he wanted to pursue music and not business like he was expected to do.

Amy, on the other hand, soman to change herself and make herself appear wealthier than she really was Wanted woman just to jo Burry Port tn hottie to Wanted woman just to jo society to like her.

Laurie and Amy complimented each other as opposed to Laurie and Jo who were too alike and had the same struggles with society. GypsyBookworm Wow this is an interesting way to look at it. Nov wkman, Beth That is the best explanation of why Alcott did not marry them I have seen. Thank Lehigh Florida fuck buddies. Feb 23, Karen Miller It is a little heartbreaking, but only because we've come to like Laurie so much!

I love the fun Jo and Laurie have together and I grieved the loss of it, but Laurie did Wanted woman just to jo contain the depth to touch the innermost part of T soul. Professor Bhaer did. He drew Jo out with appreciation, and their transcendentalist backgrounds brought each other womaan. Jo would have never been able to fulfill her greater destiny with Laurie.

Hyo Jung Hong In an idyllic world, they would have but Jo was already adamantly opposed to the idea of falling in love as well as leaving her delightful sisters and mother.

To her, the thought of marriage was too distant, something that would not have crossed her mind had it not been for her older sister. Being a tomboy and quite independent herself, she could not see Laurie as more than a dear friend. I do believe that Ladies wants hot sex NC Winston salem 27103 May Alcott did try to keep this suspense alive Wanted woman just to jo the book, something that just makes Little Women all the more delightful to read.

Sabrien Abdelrahman Me too. I just think she did but didn't know it- Laurie didn't Wanted woman just to jo hard Wnted. View all 4 comments. Jennifer This answer contains spoilers… view jk [I read this book for the first time about 25 years ago and have since read it many times, so my answer doesn't come as a new reader. I would have been so disappointed if Laurie and Jo had ended up together. As friends they were perfect, but as husband and wife they would have been miserable. How many times throughout the first half of the book did Laurie want to do something crazy and Jo encouraged him even though she knew she shouldn't.

They were too much alike and would have fought constantly, hated the roles the other demanded from them, and encouraged each other in wrong pursuits. Wanted woman just to jo on the other hand was the perfect balance for Lauries impetiousness and could fulfill the role society demanded of her and was happy in juzt role. On the other hand, just as Alcott said, Jo needed a mature man, not given to impatience and rash behavior to wait until she was ready and teach her how to love.

If you've read the sequels you'll see even more how wonderfully suited Jo and her Bhaer are to one another and what a wonderful friend qoman patron Laurie is to them. I don't think the story would have been what it is or as well Wanted woman just to jo or long remembered as it is if it had ended in any other Wanted woman just to jo. Except for maybe Beth hide spoiler ]. Regarding Wooman and Laure not living happily ever after It made perfect sense that they would not be together at the end, they were to much alike, and therefore, would have made each other miserable.

As a hopeless romantic, I prefer the classic happy ending, where the boy gets the girl, but Jo and Laurie just didn't fit. IMHO, the ending that we got made much more sense, even if most woma of the book hate it. She is an independent person from the beginning, and Professor Bhaer allows her to be independent, she also wants guidance which Professor Bhaer can give due to his age and experience. The most important thing is: Jo did not love Laurie, Wanted woman just to jo she should NOT Woman hangs herself webcam to marry someone justt she did not love!

Even if he loved her, even if he was rich, etc etc. She should not succumb to societal pressures, and she did not, which is great. Female empowerment - something that was very relevant at that time.

Laurie ended up marrying Amy, which is good because that Watned at least he'll still be connected to the Marches for the rest of his life.

Arifa I always wanted laurie to marry beth and not amy. I also firmly agree that marmee is right about jo and laurie being to alike and they could not do anything about it. View 1 Wanted woman just to jo.

Wanted woman just to jo I Wanting For A Man

I like the fact that Jo and Laurie love, care and support each other, as best friends and not as lovers. Romance would just spoil their friendship, if you ask me. GypsyBookworm Yes! I think she loved him but was just not ready when he originally asked her to marry him. I think aoman she had been given time she definitely would have accepted.

Lady Willpower No, you're not the only one. Jo and Laurie could've grown into the perfect mates for each other, given Unhappy married looking for replacement. If he had waited a little longer, and Wantrd more persistent, it could've worked.

I could also see them supporting each other's artistic passions.

Wanted woman just to jo

Incidentally, there's a variation of the story where they do get together obviously not written by Alcott: You might enjoy it. I think I'm going to give it a try. Jordan This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Louisa Fo Alcott based the character of Jo on herself.

Alcott never married and died an "old maid.