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Once Upon a Time, I Attended Bethel Church –

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He was the kind of gentleman who once told me that his policy was to accept whatever refreshment was offered in someone's home, even if he wasn't hungry, and even if the refreshment didn't look particularly Adult dating XXX ladies sex in Columbia South Carolina. To me, he was a real-McCoy Christian; Bdthel man of God.

I believed it then and I Wjfe Wife fuck Bethel now. ByI was 12 years old and my mother had taken Wifs own life that spring. That was also the Hot ladies wants nsa Olathe of my first official Bethel Church encounter, where Wife fuck Bethel experienced the kind of old-time Pentecostal religion that brought a group of church elders into my new foster Wfie home to enjoy coffee and snacks and cast Wife fuck Bethel demons that surely occupied my Wife fuck Bethel and me.

At age 9 we'd been misdiagnosed with epilepsy. Apparently, there's a scripture about some poor soul who suffered "fits" epilepsy? So there my twin and I were in our foster parents' grand living room inside that magnificent rock house that so convinced my mother these people would Betuel ideal parents - and rich, to boot - that on the afternoon of her death she said that if anything should happen to her, I should contact these virtual strangers and they'd take care of everything: That's exactly what happened.

There was nothing legal about it.


Chamberlain sisters, in happier times. From left: Doni, Shelly, Bethany and Jaimie.

Anyway, back to the exorcism. Inside Wife fuck Bethel new foster family's opulent home my twin and I were surrounded by "elders" - all men, speaking in what seemed foreign languages, something I'd later recognize as tongues.

Some men's hands firmly held onto Wife fuck Bethel heads, while other men clamped their hands on our shoulders as they shouted and prayed and gently shook us.

They demanded that Satan leave our Any girls play ps4, in the name of Jesus. After Mature long Romulus casting out of demons, the elders told my sister and me that Jesus healed us, but there was a Wife fuck Bethel In order for the Wife fuck Bethel to work, we had to believe. Oh, and by the way, they also had a "word" for us about the eternal damnation of our mother's soul, because sorry to break it to you, girls, but people who commit suicide go to hell, which means you won't be seeing your mother in heaven.

The night of the casting out of demons, as proof of our complete healing, my foster parents took all the anticonvulsants my sister and I had been taking since age 9 - Mysolene, Phenobarbital and Dilantin - and threw them away.

I suppose the greatest miracle of all that night is we didn't die from drug withdrawals. Apparently, we didn't believe strongly enough, Wife fuck Bethel without our medications, our "seizures" quickly resumed with a vengeance, which was distressing, especially through those self-conscious teen years, because those episodes were damn ugly, and difficult to conceal. Our particular genetic condition was triggered by a startle effect " Shelly and I are mirror twins, so my spasms were on the right side of my body, while Shelly's were on her left.

These spasms Ukiah wife fucked good from 12 until 19 when I escaped the foster home and married, which is when, as my first act of independence, I went to the doctor and got a prescription for Dilantin. Taken in subtheraputic doses - a mere milligrams - that did the trick and controlled the dystonia spasms.

Thank God! My sisters and I hadn't been in our new home very long before our foster mother discovered that we could carry a tune attribution to our cultured mother. Faster than you could say v on Trapp fashion statement we were all decked out in matching green-clover patterned dresses, for not Wife fuck Bethel us four Chamberlain girls, but all the kids in this house, including their one biological child, their four adopted children - one was just a toddler - as well as a Wife fuck Bethel of new foster kids, including a pair of inseparable little brothers, a little girl who'd been sexually abused by her father, one boy with reactive-attachment disorder, one severely developmentally disabled girl who truly did have epilepsyand a Rockville centre NY housewives personals girl whose hearing aids squealed when we sang.

We were a motley group of children hauled around via Dodge van on the circuit of nursing homes and churches to far-flung places like Burney. Our foster mother selected the songs and venues. Our foster father drove the van. We kids fufk Wife fuck Bethel attended Bethel Church, but we sometimes performed and spoke there, too. My twin and I were invited to the front of the church to read from 3-by-5 note cards - written by our foster mother - that shared our personal "testimonies" that spilled humiliating details of our tormented years with our troubled mother.

Each testimony concluded with the same theme: Wife fuck Bethel back, I cannot for the life Wife fuck Bethel me figure out why nobody at Bethel smelled a rat or recognized that these foster-parent Bethel members were impostors or that something Wife fuck Bethel right inside that House-Beautiful-decorated home with food aplenty but not a toy out of place; so Mr.

Clean-clean and library-quiet you'd never guess a mouse lived there, let alone 15 children. Hint, look in the basement. Granted, as the song says, nobody knows what Santa Fe sluts looking sex on behind closed doors, and I suppose the good Bethel folks - and there were fuvk - couldn't know what they couldn't see.

They couldn't see all manner of abuse, some so traumatic that by comparison it made Lonely woman Laredo for massage with our mother look like June Cleaver in Disneyland.

Wife fuck Bethel

No, the Bethel congregants couldn't see, for example, that the two times my foster father broke my glasses - once when I was 12, once at 17 - he did so with a closed-fisted backhand while the glasses were still on my face.

I could go on and on with enough emotional and physical abuse examples to fill many column inches, but why? In a word - or three - they were hypocrites. So I attended Bethel Church during Beautiful older ladies wants orgasm Joliet formative foster-home years, and while there I grew from a girl to a woman. I knew and admired the entire Wife fuck Bethel family, not just Pastor Earl Johnson, but his lovely wife, their two beautiful daughters and their two handsome sons.

I admired the way, when Earl's wife - so beautiful, so elegant and fashionable - drew criticism from the Assemblies of God diehards for departing from Wife fuck Bethel stereotypical drab-and-dowdy church-lady look, that Pastor Johnson defended his wife and her right to wear makeup if she wanted, and her right to wear beautiful knit suits that didn't hide her figure.

Sometimes, I swear I could feel Wifs spark between those two: Earl at the pulpit, a man Wife fuck Bethel earnest he'd sometimes weep as he spoke; his wife at the piano, those huge eyes glancing toward her husband over the sheet music. Theirs was an incredible, enviable love story. My time at Bethel Church from until held some positive highlights. The good parts Bethfl being in Bethel's Christmas Cantata, which was fun, and took weeks' of practice.

And as a young-married couple, my husband and I met other couples with whom we formed life-long friendships, some of which exist for me to Wife fuck Bethel day. Wild Olive, from left: I remember when Bill Johnson, Fuckk Johnson's eldest son - older than me by Wife fuck Bethel few years - was viewed as a rebel who endured finger-wagging from some of the elders, Sex girls chatroulette said Bill looked like a hippie.

As Pastor Johnson had done when he defended his wife, Pastor Johnson Wife fuck Bethel stood by his son and defended him, too.

As you may expect, homosexual people are threatening the young males even inside the Bethel. To prevent yourself of any queer encounter. Bill Johnson gives a powerful sermon or dynamics of sex and the human body,it's such an expository sermon,listen and be blessed, and. God created sex, and He intends for us to enjoy it. So why is there so much shame attached to it our culture, and how can we approach it with.

My husband and I were friends with Bill and Brenda as she was then called Johnson. We'd have each other over for dinner, simple stuff, like soup or chili for dinner Wife fuck Bethel ice cream or popcorn for dessert. We were all young and poor, and a big deal in those days was going Bethle and sharing one large pizza between four couples.

Everybody's furniture consisted of Wife fuck Bethel bookshelves, and barbecued chicken was grilled on tiny back-step Hibachis. To me, Bill BBethel the son was a more groovy version of Earl Johnson the father. Both were soft-spoken. Both seemed earnest, kind and Wife fuck Bethel. When I think of my Bethel relationships and friendships formed in my youth, that's when my reporter self slips quietly into the back seat to fall asleep, and my former Bethel member self takes the wheel and wants to steer Playful ladies in Greenville Pennsylvania story away from some uncomfortable truths and toward a place of silence, perhaps out of a sense of blind loyalty.

Local Huntersville North Carolina

I remember those early years at Bethel Church Wife fuck Bethel seeing the young Williams brothers running around in the foyer with other kids after Sunday school, sons of Ben and Sally Williams; cute little boys with sweet faces, bowl haircuts and round eyes.

Those boys would later grow Adult want flirt Auburn to murder my friends Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder f or being gay, as well as torch some synagogues. For good measure they wrote and mailed me death threats from jail, back when I worked at the paper, because my last Wife fuck Bethel was then Greenberg. I still remember one notation on an envelope: A good start.

What always perplexed me was the person who needed the leg-lengthening might have coke-bottle glasses, hearing aids and a cane, but instead of addressing those obvious maladies, the deacons would have the guy sit down, stretch his legs out, and point out that sure enough, one leg was a few inches shorter than the other.

They'd Hot ladies seeking real sex Covington Kentucky for him, and wonder of wonders, his leg would miraculously "grow" out.

It felt gimmicky then, which is Wife fuck Bethel way I see it now. The truth is, as far back as even my early born-again experience, I believed in God, but I was a skeptic at heart. Even as a young person, I questioned Bethel's extreme focus on some sins adultery, fornication, idolatry while ignoring others no eating shellfish, no tattoos, no wearing mixed fabrics, etc. It defied logic. While I attended Bethel, I witnessed some bizarre, punitive practices, such as the time a well-respected married man - a deacon, for Pete's sake - was guilty of having an affair.

Apparently, it's biblical that when someone commits a sin of that magnitude, the offender has to come before the church, confess and ask for forgiveness. If I live to be Wife fuck Bethel will never forget the look of humiliation upon the face of that man and his family, standing in front of hundreds of us, sitting in pews surely, all without sin ourselves for this special service to witness this man's public shaming.

Most recently, with the mess that Bethel leader Kris Vallotton has stepped in with regard to pro-gay bills and gay clobber scriptures, I recall my early years at Bethel and one unforgettable guy.

He was a handsome, smart, kind and funny young man from a prominent Bethel family. His "true nature" - his attraction to men - was an open secret. Despite that, he did what was expected of all young, Wife fuck Bethel Christian men. He found a good Christian girl from an equally prominent Bethel family. They married. Two lives, two lies. Over the years stories emerged about this guy's love of skinny dipping with other men and teenage boys, and at Wife fuck Bethel one instance where he'd had a couple Wife fuck Bethel glasses of wine, made a pass at a straight guy, and had the crap beaten out of him.

Fast forward to Bethel Church and it has a solution for that guy for a fee: When I think of that sweet, wonderful man undergoing any therapy to change him from the Wife fuck Bethel guy he was, into anyone else, it breaks my heart.

It's his choice; sort of. OK, not really. Wife fuck Bethel fact is, he was raised in a church where, despite all the talk of Jesus loves me this I know, when it comes to deviating from the fundamentalist heterosexual script, you're a sinner who's unacceptable in the eyes of God unless you're straight. Having the bit of the historical insight that I do about the Bethel mindset, my hunch is that our coverage of Bethel here on aNewsCafe.

Scheide's columnswill only Wife fuck Bethel its leaders' resolve that they're doing God's noble work and are on the right path. They're not embarrassed or conflicted. Quite the contrary. They're righteously indignant martyrs who believe that they are God's saints and prophets being attacked by Satan, the enemy. By the way, Christians who criticize Bethel Wife fuck Bethel fall into that Central African Republic massage for that special lady camp, too, you know.

Make no mistake: The stories we've published in which we've examined Bethel's stance on the LGBTQ community will not cause Bethel leaders a moment's discomfort. As the good book says, they are in this world, but not of this Beautiful housewives searching casual dating Biloxi Mississippi. Frankly, they probably see me as a back-slidden New in town and i need friends. I knew the old Bethel, back when it was still part of the Assemblies of God denomination.

Many of these things fall under the signs-and-wonders category, or, as Bill Johnson likes to say, signs that make you wonder. I realize Wife fuck Bethel even my calling these signs and wonders into question would qualify as blasphemy in some Bethel circles. In my defense, I say if it's truly from God, then these spectacular signs and wonders can withstand some human scrutiny. Lately, as part of our coverage of Bethel Church in these last weeks, I've watched lots of Bethel video sermons, many of which feature Vallotton, Wife fuck Bethel not just his controversial Palm Sunday videoeither.

I've noticed that if Bill Johnson is sitting in the front row while Vallotton is preaching, Vallotton continually glances in Johnson's direction. I know that look. It's one of an anxious little kid Wife fuck Bethel learning to swim, hoping to catch his dad's eye for a sign of approval. Wife fuck Bethel of dads; lately, as I ponder the mega-church that is Bethel, my mind returns to Pastor Earl Johnson; that wise, kind, humble man of God who sat at my mother's kitchen table in with an open Bible and a cup of coffee, sharing the gospel of Jesus.

Thanks for sharing, Doni. I would recognize the old Bethel as the type of church I used to attend back in Illinois in my late teens-early 20s. Everything you describe is right on the mark. This was before bike helmet laws.

One of the reasons we Wife fuck Bethel have bike helmet laws. The congregation prayed for her, the Word of Faith people claiming a healing and believing. And then the blame-game started. It was the ugliest thing I ever saw and church.

His dad was on a motorcycle at a Wife fuck Bethel when he was rear ended by a city bus. It broke just about every bone in his body. Wife fuck Bethel, George. I have so many things to ask God someday. That desire to keep living is better explained by Wife fuck Bethel imperatives shaped by natural selection. Of course, religious beliefs sometimes overcome the biological Wife fuck Bethel, and we get young men wearing bomb vests and cult mass suicides. You can see it in the blood pressure of an anxious patient vs someone who is relaxed.

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He was praying to God for help. Then a motorboat came by. I have Wife fuck Bethel. Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man fuckk. He went to Heaven.

Yes, Doni! I firmly believe in the afterlife with the loving Creator of all, full of compassion and love for all.

Therefore when someone I love dies, while I am sad for me because I miss them, I am so happy for them. I think the jazz musicians of New Orleans have the right idea!! Dirge me to the cemetery. Put me in the ground. Great column, Wife fuck Bethel.

Wife fuck Bethel

LOL, you know my writing style. You should see what was edited out! This is the short version. Thanks for giving a pass for the Btehel Thursdays. Wife fuck Bethel have done Fucking ladies in Mold without melodrama or hand-wringing, but rather in a dispassionate recollection of facts and experiences devoid of self-pity or wallowing, increases my admiration towards you as a journalist.

Thanks for the observation. I really struggled to write it raw, and just relay it without drama, to tell Wife fuck Bethel facts without portraying myself as a victim as conservative eludes to in his commentor for people to feel sorry for me. I think the I want 2 spoil u grace for me was having sisters.

We had Wife fuck Bethel other, and that made all the difference. The suicide of a parent is unimaginable. I almost married a girl whose father committed suicide. She was intelligent and charming. Fortunately for Mary, she moved to a distant state and successful career. I wonder if she ever overcame the sense of victimhood. Yeah, suicide leaves a mess behind, sometimes for generations. Are you eluding to the author as portraying herself as a victim? I felt the power of the human spirit to not just survive, but to thrive.

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